Abel ruiz

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  • On the bench for Barca last night very good goalscoring record at youth level is it time he steps up

  • The thing is, in reality he could be the next Rivaldo or the next Ade Akinbiyi, it doesn't really matter. What does matter he's young and could be getting some gametime for Barca in the near term. With that, he could easily rocket in price.

    You'll be investing predominantely on potential rather than any historical PB performance. Considering he's a third of what VJ and Rodrygo are selling at, it could be well worth the punt.

  • Looks like a great young prospect. With Barca able to tinker with the remainder of their league games they could, and probably should, be giving exciting youngsters like Ruiz a run out - see what they can do. And he may even get a few opportunities at the start of next season.

  • Couple of games he could rise 60-70p with barca

  • 6 in 46 with that Barca B team isnt telling me he is a worldy talent tbh.

    but we know the popularity of young players on FI

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