Ox chamberlain price fall ???

  • I'm confused to why ox chamberlain has had a price drop?
    I purchased shares in him day before match he played last night!! He played excellent setting up a goal!! I don't understand why I haven't made profit and why he is in the red!?!?!?

    Does this just go off who is hitting the headlines?? Coz if that's the case then I don't see the point??
    Please help

  • Generally speaking prices go up towards the weekend and then there's a sell off around Saturday evening, I wouldn't worry too much about Ox, I don't hold him but am pretty sure his price will recover especially when people start to get their WC squads in order.

  • @NewUser113007 Traders buy him pre-match because if he has a worldie he will get a lot of media coverage possible buzz and price rise.

    I wouldnt worry about him being the red just yet he will most likely rise again for liverpools next game

  • thanks guys

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