Anthony Martial

  • Any thoughts on the slump in his price? Been on a downer for a while now. I know he had a poor game yesterday and has had an injury but surely there is value there?

  • @Zidave Just seems to be United players in general recently. They have flattened out on the pitch recently. They’re a glorified counter attack team, I’ve been waiting for Rashford to score for weeks to offload him. Would’ve been better off instant selling!

  • @Zidave i think people are preparing their portfolios for the summer and unfortunately he will not get much attention considering he’s not long got a contract and there is no talk of him leaving.

    @Timothee-Atouba i wouldn’t sell Rashford he will be part of the nations league if not the main striker considereding Kane might not be able to play or be fit in time. Don’t think people have thought about this at all.

    End of the day I guess the same goes for both players you lose money for two months but they’re 3 yet bets once the new season starts they will rise again

  • Martial looks great value right now but I can’t help thinking when would he actually see a decent rise?

    I can’t see him taking any responsibility to turn United’s fortunes around and is likely to have a quiet summer followed by potential new signings and increased competition for the new season.

  • @Shippers The biggest joke is that I’m on Rashford at £1.40 and he’s been much higher.
    Got greedy didn’t I.

  • @Chris-J Wait until they start next season playing on the break at home to Norwich and their players sink further.

  • Still got a champions league game yet. Don't lose all hope.

  • Good points everyone. He does look like good value. I do hold 225 shares and I am just wondering, if there is a deposit bonus announced tomorrow, who is decent medium term value but can't see Martial rising much unless he has a worldy against Barcelona this week.

  • Looking at players similar Sane is 2.38, sane doesn't win any buzz either and won’t have a transfer so maybe Martial is on the low side now.

  • He is going to have to be a summer loss hold. In a better United team with a few signings and early season optimism. He should get back scoring and see a nice rise again. United are very uninspiring at the moment. Look at Pogba's fall even with his FI king status.

  • A lot depends on whether Ole wants to keep Lukaku, get Sancho and it'll be a lovely front 3 from left to right ..

    Martial Rashford Sancho ⚡⚡⚡⚡

    Martial was like 40p in the green for me, now fell in red, but looks amazing value. Definitely holding 👌🏻

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