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  • Hi guys I'm fairly new to the platform and loving it so far. I haven't yet witnessed a player get his first England call up and what happens to their price. If Jack Grealish for example were to get a move to Spurs and an England call up and much could we see his price rise? Thanks guys

  • Probably

  • All depends. On the question of an England call up, then Grealish is the sort to see a boost and some media attention.

    On the other hand, it did sod all for Lewis Dunk's price.

  • @Allams-Out Thanks

  • With a lot of these youngsters, it is already built into the price. People have invested, driving the price up, just incase they get a call up.
    It is crazy, when you see England players at similar prices as players who are predicted to get to the same level or sometimes even more.

  • @Allams-Out hahahaha i held Lewis Dunk that week and it did nothing for me too!!! But i do think if someone young, media fancied, attractive, playing well, fashionable, has nice hair, is mentioned frequently as the next best thing etc and wears a top brand of football boots then his price should go up prior to and on any announcement not to mention upon receiving that first cap... seen it with Harry Winks especially and perhaps Callum Wilson whilst others like Rice & CHO rised long before... I think there would be enough interest if Grealish was playing well and was on the verge of getting into the squad for his price to shoot up too... Think Foden could be next? Wan Bissaka? Reiss Nelson? James Maddison... all should see vast growth should they get into the England squad!

  • @dannypea haha though I was ahead of a rocket ship curve with Dunk.

    Turns out he's probably just a bit to vanilla for the media and this place.

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