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  • Hi all. Am a newcomer to FI, just wondering as a keen player of Football Manager if it's worth investing a little in decent youngsters that you find on there for futures, or would you suggest putting more in better known players that can get you potential MB and PB?

  • If you can find the right youngsters you can do well in terms of capital appreciation if you have patience.

    If I was starting again I would start my portfolio with proven PB and MB winners. They are more expensive than most of the youngsters but they will provide regular dividend returns which can be re invested to help grow a portfolio.

  • @bouchet Thanks for your input. Thats the line I was thinking, short term gain to invest a little for some long term.

    I feel I have invested to much for future hopes of gain rather that splitting it more in the hope of MB/PB

    Just to say i've not invested yet in players I have seen potential etc in on f/m!

  • I had a mate who joined around the same time as me (feb 2018)... he is into football manager and invested in some of the future superstars from the game, he had futures in V junior, moise kean and a few others i cant remember the names of... hes a gambler so got bored within a month at not seeing the price move.. the other week i seen him and we worked out how much his portfolio would be worth if he’d of left it, he had £2,500 spread over around 7 players, fair enough 3 of them had either dropped or not risen much but 4 of them seen crazy rises his current port worth would of been 7k... but he didnt have the patiance for it!!

  • If you can spot a youngster and believe that they will get a decent move to a PB league based club then I would always trust your own judgement and go for it... I have a simple rule of not investing in anyone who's under 29... (Messi the exception) and investing in only attackers and creative midfielders... if you for example have this philosophy for players under 25 who you feel will go on to big big things then get investing!!!! as you'll earn a lot of money on young players 'IF' you are prepared to invest 'TIME' as well as your cash.. I would say this type of investing is longer term and should be based at no less than six months to a year a time before taking profits but certainly one that should double your returns if you pick the right talent!!!

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