Jamie Vardy

  • Hi Guys any suggestions why Jamie is down 21% over the last week? Can't see any reports injured and with Rodgers building team that plays to Vardy's strengths can't see why such a large fall. Anyone going to buy for a few IPDs before end of season?

  • Season coming to an end so running out of ipd time

  • The problem with buying IPD players now is that after the 30 days are up their resale value is going to be down quite considerably.

  • @Indexman 4 games left within 30 days?

  • As long as nothing too dramatic happens he should rise again at the beginning of next season so don't be too worried.

  • @LuaLua just wondered why such a dramatic fall and is it worth buying some more as only 1p spread. Cheers.

  • @NewUser292679 Not yet because he's only gonna go down in the coming weeks then his price will likely be flat over summer. There are much better investments out there atm. You don't want too much dead money sitting in your portfolio. When it could be accumulating elsewhere.

    But buying just before the beginning of next season (before everyone else does for ipds) could give you a nice rise in theory.

  • Leicester are bound to be in the market for a decent striker over the summer that could also impact vardy’s price.

  • @NewUser292679 Check his remaining fixtures...

  • He had a decent run of fixtures which came to an end against Newcastle.
    I sold him last week before Newcastle match kicked off.

    Their run in is nasty so I would avoid for now

  • Valuable lesson here; Players who are "one trick ponies" whether iPD like Vardy or capital appreciation like Joao Felix (failed to win PB with 3 + 1 G&A) are likely to be far more volatile than most other players. This can be great for those who ride the wave with the correct timing but punishing if you get on board at the wrong time. TAA beat Koulibaly to defender PB yesterday even though the latter had scored twice!

    Vardy was entirely predictable given his run of easy fixtures followed by some stinkers then the end of season looming. Likewise these "sky rocket youngsters" will only need a minor set back such as signing a non PB league contract or injury scare to see mass profit taking. FI is often touted as a one way bet but this is invariably never true, even for such powerhouses as Pogba or CR7.

  • @Comrade except they have west ham next and vardy loves scoring against us, and we dont keep clean sheets.

  • @NewUser159387 But Felix is only 19, and in a better team he will get on the ball more, increasing his passing and PB stats. look at how Pep has changed Sterlings game.
    Felix is far from a one trick pony

  • @Munchie63

    You may well be right but as you point out that first involves moving to a decent PB team & establishing himself in their first team, currently no hope of PB (except the odd EL game) so essentially a "transfer speculation one trick pony."

  • @Munchie63 that was my thinking. Sell Vardy after filling his boots at West Ham. Looks like he's a long term hold now.! Lesson learned.
    Thanks for all the comments Guys.

  • @NewUser159387 MB transfer hype will be big though. Clubs will be fighting for this boy so a dragged out bidding war is likely.
    3G 1A mid week and watched him last night get another 1G 2A

    the boy can play, and he is only 19. And Portugal want that big name to follow Ronaldo

  • @Munchie63

    I agree with much of what you say but there's no certainty - Salah got a move to Chelsea no-one rated him & he moved on, he's now an index beast.

  • There has definitely been a drop in IPD players. Ter Stegen has dropped as well in the last few days and has 4 clean sheets in the last 5 games. I would have thought that IPDs are going to be continued into next season? It would be a really bad move from FI to increase their % earnings and then get rid of them. What are other people's thoughts?

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