Nicolas Pepe

  • I really know nothing about this kid, but seeing big rises and heard alot about him. what type of player is he and is he worth his current valuation?

  • @NewUser297399

    Top player at just 23 years old, wins/comes close to PB regularly & looks certain, according to Lille president, to be leaving for a BIG club in the Summer; Bayern, Man Utd & Arsenal all linked. I think any such move will enhance his PB/MB chances; I bought at 120p (pre SS equivalent) & would not baulk at his current 225 price after a good PB score this weekend with a goal & a couple of assists in G&A bonus's against a poor PSG side who are still topping Lg 1.

    Long term hold for me & I would say still decent value given his immediate prospects, 19 goals & 11 assists in 32 games this season.

  • @NewUser159387 pretty much the same thoughts as this mate

  • i was worried this might be the response...thank you

  • @NewUser297399 you were worried that was the response 😂😂. Have I missed something, surely what's just been said is positive. He's a very good player, left footed too. Has alot of room left for his price to go up especially if he moves to prem

  • @Shippers

    its very positive, really means i'm going to have to find some money to buy him :)

  • Very surprised to him dropping with all the prem links. Him and ndombele feel like best mb holds to me.

  • Rumour has it Bayern have 200m to spend according to the Euro Papers rumours on Sky Sports. We all know they are looking for a new winger with Robben & Ribery leaving & publically courting CHO in January.

    People putting 2 + 2 together? 🤔

    You would think his price already has a PL move factored in - so any move to the Bundesliga could lead to a significant drop.

  • @Ericali id have thought Bayern are one team that holds similar value... simply because his potential for huge PB scores is better there than at someone like Spuds... so should offset the lack of MB from not coming to EPL.

    in terms of overall value with the team as a modifier i have in my head something like;

    EPL top 6
    Rest of Prem/CL teams from rest of Europe
    Rest of PB teams

  • @Vespasian32 thing is if he goes Bayern they are a big enough club for him to stay for years.

    No move imminent, Kingsley Coman & Serge Gnabry prices aren't exactly brilliant so I think he could have a 50p plus drop.

    Anyway, rumoured to be clearing up his future on Sunday so it could all come to a head very soon.

  • @Vespasian32 Feel like werner and pepe benefit from that exact table and are also likely to go to the places in that order.

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