Summer offer in laymans terms

  • Media buzz
    Media will be paid out to top 5 players over summer. 3 2 1 1 1P

    The promotion. 1st section has already started so don't sell now.
    Basically if you buy 100£ worth of players and then sell 50£ worth of players your net spend will be £50 this net figure will be divided by 10 and that money (£5) will be paid into your account.

    The second stint starts on first of may
    If you spend £100 again then sell £50 your net spend will again be £50 this time your net spend will be divided by twenty and that amount will be paid into your account so £2.50

    So basically in the coming months its all about having a positive net spend. You can get a cash bonus of £1000 in the first stint and £2000 in the second stint. You'd need to have a net spend of £10,000 and then another net spend of £40,000 for the second one.

    If you are worried about a massive sell off then don't be. There won't be a big sell off after the first stint as people won't want to damage their net spend bonus for the second one and everyone will be putting in their bonus money. And if you read the message they are having another big marketing push so after the second stint a lot of new users will be coming in and itll be the start of the new season.
    So lots of cash for us.

    It's better explained here.
    Watch the vid. Read the rules. OPT IN. Then get spending.
    I reccomend bruno fernandes.

  • Media dividends is top 5, but will be paid 3,2,1,1,1

  • Hhahaha wrote all of that and ended up missing out on the initial rise and now getting fucked by people selling off. Who sells off, who does that ahahah?
    All for one measly upvote.
    Crash and burn never attempting to help the forum again :'(

  • @LuaLua isn't the second one 5% so youd have to spend 40k to get 2k bonus?

  • @LuaLua

    Have an upvote for the effort mate :-)

  • Second stint starts 1st of May not July just to clarify 👍

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