Don't Fall Foul To......

    1. Requirement: Traders must buy and sell shares during the above promotional period resulting in net buys.

    Note: You will not be eligible for a bonus payout should you sell more shares than you have purchased during the promotional period. This applies to both parts of the offer.

    So you must SELL shares also during the period, so don't think pumping coin in will get you an easy 10%.

    And don't sell more shares than you buy......So don't offload that load of shite that you bought dirt cheap and have zillions of thinking you can absorb them in your massive bonus, because if you do, you won't get your bonus.

    Apart from that, cracking promotion and just trade as you did do...

    Happy trading peeps.

    P.S. Now is a cracking time to sink some money in long term 3 year buys.

  • In theory you'd only need to sell one share for each part of the bonus though right?

  • @LABoxers85 that’s right. But I 100% guarantee come the payout someone will complain they don’t get it as they never sold a player.

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