Premier League Winners 2019

  • Just wondering who people think will win this years Premier League. I am a Liverpool fan (Please don't crucify me I'm nice I swear) But I'm not going to lie after beating Tottenham and Chelsea I'm gaining confidence. I'm a rare Liverpool specimen and even when we were 10 points in front I believed we would bottle it but after winning the two of the hardest games we have left I'm growing in confidence. City still have Tottenham and United left both wanting top four and Tottenham recently beating them.

    Just interested who people will think win the title this season. (I'm aware of the quality city have haha)

  • I think as a Liverpool fan u would want Man City to turn over spurs to give u the best chance of winning the league.

  • I'm a massive Liverpool fan as well. From the start of the season it was clear we were watching a more professional and pragmatic Liverpool than the rock'n'roll football we had the joy of watching last season. Certain positive and 'title defining' moments have happened throughout the season, almost to the point where I feel like it is just meant to finally happen this year.

    I've honestly never said the cliche "this is our year", until when I did in early August after witnessing our performance last season, the summer signings we made, and the pre-season etc. For the first time I actually thought, "fucking hell, this actually could be our year!".

    In saying that, I wouldn't be shocked if City win all of their league games, and you would just have to hold your hands up and applaud them. But, I do think they will drop points in this month.

  • I'm a utd fan and it's a difficult question!
    My only/favourable solution is spurs do city in champs league but win the prem! Cant let city do the quadruple but also cant let liverpool win the league!!😫

  • I said.. "IF" Liverpool come through Spurs & Chelsea with six points then they'll go on to win it... But i'm not so sure now???

    I really can see both sides winning 'ALL' there final few games and whilst I believe City now have the hardest run in (Spurs & United are huge matches) I can still see them getting maximum points... Really will be one slip up loses it from here... great race, whatever happens the two teams have been awesome this season... Liverpool could finish on 97 points having lost one game all season and still not win the league!!!! City the best team in England in my opinion could win the FA Cup, Champions League, the League Cup, finish on 95 or 96 points and still not the league title!!!! It seems crazy to me that one of these sides will lose out as both have been phenominal and both for me are probably 2 of the top 3 or 4 sides in world football!!!!!

  • As an Everton fan it pains me to say it, but Liverpool have to be favourites with the run in.
    You look back at the season and remember the Pickford balls up, Lloris error the other week and even the chances Hazard missed on Sunday and wonder whether it's destined to be their year.
    Having said that, City are more than capable of winning all remaining games.
    The beauty of the Premier League.

  • @benmorley24 10 points in front?!! Where are you getting that from?!! Fucking bottle?!! Behave yourself whoever comes second in this title race will have had an exceptional season and would have won the championship in almost ANY league season. Whatever happens from here in nobody will have "bottled" anything!

  • @9stevo Chill bro, I'm a Liverpool fan and said 10 points in the lead or however much we were at that time 8 points 7? It was a considerable amount. By bottling it I meant I didn't believe we would win even with that league. I'm not denying whoever comes second has not ad a exceptional season. As we have only lost one game this season, thats amazing. All I was saying was that even when we were a considerable amount of points I didn't think we would win it and we then went on a run of games and therefore lost our huge lead. I also mention that I have gained more confidence in the title finally being ours due to the big games we have won.

  • @benmorley24 at one point in Jan we were 7 point ahead and city had a game in hand, that's very different to 10 points!! I hate the word "bottle" it has no place in relation to this title race and has been used extensively by bell ends on twitter in relation to the rewriting of history over 13/14.

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