£15 player

  • Do you think it’s possible we will see a player reach this type of share value under the current structure?

  • Robert skov 😂😂😂😂

  • No for me.

  • We are really close to the first £100 player pre pre share split.

  • @Misto was it by 4 then by 3?

  • @Weedster yep

  • I think the first (next) £10 player this summer is certainly achievable... then £15 could be say Aug/Sep with £20 by Xmas...

    The more investors we attract the more investment will be made... Be interesting to see whether after that FI continue to split to lower values to make futures more affordable or if they just leave the market to grow??? (i actually like having the opportunity to part own futures like in the current stock market which allows all users to get in)... I've always said I'm happy to pay £100+ for a future if i believe it will appreciate in a growing market... If anyone else thinks like that I don't see why we can't get to silly numbers within the next few years??? After all... intrinsic value is as much as what somebody is prepared to pay for something as it is factually done on statistics and analysis??

  • @dannypea
    any announcement is a good thing
    by 2 next I think and see how we go.
    Just hope this spreads into mainland europe.

  • I see the upper market in the current structure as being £10 anything beyond that looks a pretty messy bubble.

  • @mike778 just means we will get increased dividends like we did last share split

  • @Indexman said in £15 player:

    @mike778 just means we will get increased dividends like we did last share split

    That's why I said in the current structure.

    It does take a huge amount of money to move prices at the top though regardless of whether someone is value. Whilst the share split hasn't changed it (whether the people who can't do maths accept it otherwise), it took an astronomical amount of money to go from £24 to £27 old method and takes the same to go the equivalenet now which is £7 to £8.

    Makes you wonder if they will consider rebalancing the way prices move at some point.

  • I think there will be a increase in dividends (both media and Performance)before this happens. As once it gets to top player being £12-£13, then the % ROI becomes considerably less, unless it gets released to a few football focused countries.

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