Nations League and U21 Tournament.

  • Was hoping there may be an announcement as to whether these tournaments might qualify for IPD over the Summer.
    Or, have I missed something already?

  • Although I half hoped that IPD's would be included for the Nations League (ie just four matches in total) I don't think this was ever going to be feasible for the U21's as there's no point in having a load of unknown Serbian & Czech kids that will probably never play in a PB league for a fortnight comp that not many investors would be interested in??

    The Nations League finals will attract a lot of Media attention so a top five over the summer will probably be hogged by England players (and what they do on the pitch) over that week or so when they are in Portugal??

  • @dannypea with the recent trend of buying youngsters, I thought the U21 tournament might have been included as it would showcase a lot of the young talent.
    Can't have everything though and I was impressed by the Summer bonus and increased media announcement.

  • @Dronny-Gaz I think the increase in media buzz over the summer will filter down to the under 21's and any young England players that are doing well in the tournament.. Realistically outside the England team there won't be much media interest anyway... I think instead perhaps use the tournament yourself to pick up a bargain as without the hiked prices (that might have been inflicted if there were direct dividends involved) those that do well could become very astute investments over time!!

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