Moise Kean

  • Nice BBC article on Kean for anyone interested. Touches a bit on the Italian national team too.

  • What are peoples thoughts on his current price? Is it time to let him go, or keep for the long term?

  • I like him as a FI prospect. The lad can play ball, seems to have some controversy about him, almost Balotelli like. And hes young with a future at a big club. Not sure he'll ever make the move to the premiership but he looks the real deal.

    I own shares and intend to hold long term.

  • Just rebought him after selling for profit initially. He's taken a dip but that'll be the Ronaldo effect.

    He's a great young player, currently in contract negotiations, with raiola as an agent. He's been regularly getting small snippets of media attention(20 points here and there), and when he has been called upon, has performed.

    A star in the making

  • Big drops today on Moise, anyone know why?

  • No idea, slightly concerned though as I hold 150.

  • Daily star has 'reported' he is about to sign a new contract so that might be it- especially as headline states he has actually signed it rather than is expected to. I am confident that 1st May he'll increase again

  • Just sold my 300 shares in him. He was -26p since I bought during the SS announcement and falling. He is the back-up to Ronaldo and has signed a new contract to stay that way. There won't be any MB/transfer news during the summer so it's better to invest elsewhere. I've replaced him with 400 Tielemans. He's rising/playing well and bigger clubs are looking at him so there could be some MB during the summer.

  • Euro qualifiers against Greece and Bosnia though.

  • He’s a different player to Ronaldo though, more of an out and out no 9. I am gonna stick. Hope I don’t eat my words!

  • @Londoner I did the same the other day, also replaced with Tielmans! Should have done it sooner really

  • @Neil2265 Great minds think alike! Agreed - We should have sold earlier, whilst he was still in the green. Still learning this platform (joined last August).

  • I hope he will rise again, and with his age, International games, and CL football he should.

    funny thing is its very lazy journalism thats hurt his price.

    One paper says he has out pen to paper.....then in the article says Nedved will lead negotiations with not even sat down yet.

    Laughable reporting, but shows how careful we need to be over the summer

  • I’m 40p down on him can’t bring myself to sell at that price so looks like a long term hold for me.

  • Bought him a while ago when he was around £2.60 pre SS. He reached i think £3 post SS, sitting on close to 200% profit.

    That's obviously come down recently, but i'm still not selling. I spotted this kid early on, and i believe he's got the capabilities to reach the absolute top.

    Next season he'll be getting more game time, more starts, and at £2.24, still a steal.

  • @Meridismo04 I am sticking with him, as a 3 year hold he seems good value although he has dropped, I am sure he will rise again

  • @Meridismo04 what have the pb scores been like?

  • Yea long term hold for me too.

    There seems to be this weird behaviour on FI surrounding transfers which I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND...

    you don't get any dividends if a player signs a new contract or leaves to join another team so all you get from transfer speculation is POTENTIAL media dividends. That's it.

    When a contract is signed, so many sheep follow the early investors sell-off, as if the player has been disabled for life or something!

    You've got a 3 years investment in a potential future star. Relax. He's signed a contract to PLAY FOOTBALL for a PB league team in the champs league next year...he's not signed up for the marines to go to Afghanistan! !!

  • @LuaLua

    Not the best I must admit.

    From his play style and the way the PB system works, I'd say he deliver the same PB scores as Mbappe, as he doesn't get much touches, but he's got pace to burn and a killer instinct in front of goal.

    So GWG and at least a brace would put him in around the 200 score.

  • @ScouseSte too right. He's already proven he can mix it at the top level and has he potential to go on to be one of the best in Europe. He may have little MB buzz over this summer and may well slip a little in the short term but the potentially returns over the next 3 years could be huge.

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