• Why has his price dropped by 50p over the last month? Hottest prospect in world football, possible transfer speculation over the summer to Real Madrid. Doesn’t make sense that his price would be dropping.

    I don’t hold him at the moment but I’m interest in lumping in him

  • @NewUser68213

    i dont get it either...only thing is never wins MB/PB i guess but i think if everyone rises around him - it will drag him up

  • That quite a big thing though tbf

  • PSG knocked out of Europe... Mbappe takes a hit...

    PSG draw a match (which is unusual itself) Mbappe doesn't score... Mbappe takes a hit...

    PSG get stuffed 5-1 (hugely embarrassing result)... Mbappe takes a hit...

    New Offer aimed at transfer buzz players this summer comes in... Mbappe takes a hit...

    Doesn't surprise me in the slightest that he's taken a bit of a drop in value.. He scores a hat-trick in his next game and wins PB that will soon be back up.. He gets linked with Real Madrid in the summer and again it rises... The nature of the beast.. Don't worry about it!!!

  • Time to get on. The fact that other players have risen so sharply makes him even more undervalued. I do hold.
    Same issue with Rashford. I guess people are waiting til after tonight's game. No Kane and suddenly England's number one striker, plus transfer speculation flying about today.

  • I Had enough of his drop in value sold him quick time

  • Hold both mbappe and rashford for different reasons when i singed up janruary, rashford due to MB, with england and united then mbappe for PB.
    Got absolutely nothing from mbappe 😅 still in the green with him but hoping for a rise before i sell. Ive put him in the sell que about 6 time since buying, but pulled out due to fomo 😅
    Rashford will continue to win MB so I plan to hold, and hopefully will be worth a £1 or 2 by this time next year

  • He will be the best player in the world one day. Of the 34 players I hold, Mbappe has the biggest profit (£400). Yes, his price has fallen a lot recently, but I see him as a long-term hold.

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