Lee Kang-in

  • whats the score here with the rise? i know hes a great prospect but did i miss something?

  • One of the highest rated prospects right now and getting more game time basically. Great hold imo.

  • @LuaLua couldn't agree more. Studied this player literally as much as I could, and also had a cheeky subscription to elevensports to see some of his game time. He has great potential, I'm excited for his future on FI and as soon as I'm paid I'm going to top up some more

  • I bought for three main reasons.

    He turned up high on the Nxgn awards of the 50 most talented youngsters and was still one of the cheaper ones and when a big team like valencia are trying to fast track an 18year old into their team you know he's gonna be good.

    Secondly he's one of those tricky winners who just makes defenders look silly. Media love this. Football fans and Fi love this.

    And thirdly he's asian. There are very few highly talented Asian players and thus the ones that there are get a very focused of media attention and they are often bought by clubs or at least linked to big clubs who are always challenging to expand their outreach into foreign markets fanbase wise and asia especially offers such a massive opportunity to them. This view was shared by a lot of people when United supposedly replaced the legendary Park ji sung with shinji kagawa.

    So good buy imo. Very very talented.

  • @LuaLua Yep, 100% my thoughts too. You hold a lot? And his buy out clause set at £80 million sums up how highly they rate him. Valencia going to be producing some diamonds, kang in, guedes and torres

  • @JH Such a solid stable team as well great for bringing youngsters through. Hopefully can get champions league football next year or can at least get drawn against an English team this year for some more exposure.

  • yeah decent hold along side that salzberg player Dominik something lol

  • @NewUser260763


    Don't think he stands much chance of MB with a name like that

  • @LuaLua Would love to see him start in Europa tomorrow, probably won't but I'm sure he'll get some minutes off the bench

  • Price starting to creep, I've held for a while, I think the times coming to make him a massive hold

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  • @MickTurbo Think they're letting him go off to u20 world cup which will be great for him, no point in some senior friendlies getting minutes here and there, and if they go far in u20, people going to start to notice him even more. South korea got a few decent youngters coming through, I expect them to do well

  • I'll have to look in to these others. I had about 70 shares from my very early days ( only Feb) upped that massively on wednesday. Pretty pleased with myself 😁😁😁

  • @LuaLua glad I read up on him after reading this yesterday, definitely looks a player, used my profit from Felix to pick up this kid . Like you say as well, bit of a media dream with his tricky play

  • Anyone watch last nights game?

    How did he do in his sub appearance?

  • @Chris-J Villareal had most of the ball in the second half so he spent a lot of time defending, which he did well. When he did get the ball he passed it well and didn't give it away.

  • @TheSleepingGiant Yeah the rest of valencia's midfield were bloody awful in the second half. Couldn't string a pass together.
    Lee looked very sharp on his toes and suprisingly good at defending of the bits i watched tbh.

  • Looks like he will be joining up with S. Korea for the U20 World Cup


  • @LuaLua Cannot wait to see him for south korea,

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