• So the announcements have been made.. the SS has been well and truly washed under the carpet by now and we are all moving forward with no more gimmicks now until the new season at least (hopefully)....

    How does this effect your strategy???

    Do you invest in April/May? Then re-invest in the summer? Do you sit tight and hold on to everything you've got or flip like mad at every transfer rumour going???

    Personally I think i'll invest in this window but may give June/July a miss... But i'll continue trading with the same philosophy looking at longer term prospects and world class footballers that I believe can pick up regular dividends going forward...

    How you going to play it??? Have you already invested overnight??? Any more cash being put in??? Or are you just like me sitting at your desk with a cigar on right now watching your portfolio go lime green wondering when to time your trades???

  • Will continue with my same strategy of having a three way portfolio of:

    1. 3 year holds.
    2. 30 day flips (obviously this will be put on hold whilst no togger is played).
    3. Trade for anything from 10% ROI after commission.

    This way, no matter the promotion it doesn't affect the way I 'play the game'

    Earning more than a bank - so happy away....

  • I’m with you strategy-wise.

  • My strategy is a whole portfolio of up and coming youngsters. It is a high risk high reward strategy because that is what I am here for, to try and make a big return, its boom or bust for The Giant. Buying big boys with safe returns is of no interest to me (but of course is a perfectly good strategy if you prefer a safer, sleep better at night kind of investment).

    My portfolio did ok during the share split, wasn't effected by the blip after the ss (actually continued to go up) and did pretty well last night too. All in all it has been staedy rises for me across the board. I will therefore continue as before with my buy and hold strategy and will not alter that regardless of promotions or bonuses. I tend to just ignore the gimmicks and sit back and watch my portfolio fly and handover no commission.

  • Hi,
    Simply, I will be doing exactly the same things what I was doing from beginning of my journey on FI. I mean LEARN on my own and others mistakes, DIVERSE port as much as possible (when is need it), BENEFIT from the forum and "traders with knowledge" and most important TRADE smarter then others by flexing to the market trends and different phases of the season !!

    All that, helped me to achieve my target and ROI with I'm very happy and I think it will help me to bring off nxt "target" in coming 19/20 season :]

    All the best & happy trading :]

  • I think I’m close to getting enough of the big guns to earn me 2% a week in divs.
    This will be reinvested until I am 100% up. Hopefully before Xmas when I’ll start taking my divs out and reclaiming my input. By the end of next season. I should be about 20k without any of my money in!

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