Summer Proof Your Portfolio - The Big Announcement

  • Morning all,

    How are you? How did last night go for you? I am pretty positive about it all. Check out my latest blog post below looking at how my French Talent Portfolio fared post announcement yesterday and also how we've done financially and PB-wise this month......

    Any comments, tips, questions let me know!!


    Stu (FIGenesis)

  • This is another great read mate! Really enjoying them so keep up the good work. I was a bit confused at the end with the picture of your tip though. Nothing was shown up?

  • Ha! I know! I had to rush the post out and forgot the photo. Its on there now. I'm sure it won't be a great surprise to you! Thanks for reading and your support. Any ideas or requests for the blog let me know. I am about to start a new series putting players head to head to gauge their PB/MB worth to see who is better for Football Index. Any players you fancy let me know. They don't have to be French either! I'm branching out!

  • Great article thanks @FIGenesis

    I hold many of those players myself and very pleased with them. I’m also keeping Savanier with next season in mind!

  • @FIGenesis >Interesting blog. I have a few of those players, but my port is diversified with players from multiple nationalities. It's fascinating that there are multiple strategies to make money.

  • @Coleyscrooge Thanks bud. Plenty more to come on the blog over the summer!

    I love Savanier. He is a fascinating character! Has recently said that, for the first time in his career, he would be happy to move abroad ....I think he moves this summer.

  • @Londoner Thanks very much! Yeah, I love that about FI too. So many ways to suceed! I do actually have a much broader portfolio but I only track the French guys in day to day detail for the blog. I thought it would be an interesting challenge and France have so much talent it has been great fun! I will be starting to write and analyse more widely in the summer and into next season.

  • @FIGenesis Sticking with French talents. What are your thoughts on Lucas Hernandez? I know his been injured, but his signed for Bayern and on the comeback trail. Cheers

  • @FIGenesis

    Can u post your thread here.. . Players etc

  • @FIGenesis excellent read bud and a couple new investments off the back of it . What's your opinion on tchouameni at Bordeaux seems like one with a high potential but no mention in your post ?

  • @Failtips Hey bud. I think Theo Hernandez holds his value moving to Bayern. He'll need to perform now to generate any rise in price. However, Bayern are a PB friendly side and there are rumours that they will switch to Kovac's favoured 352, with 3 CBs. If that is the case then Hernandez should see higher passing volume than at Atleti. That's help his PB scoring and so he would rise. All speculation at the moment though!!

  • @Zola25 Hey Zola

    The blog site is here:
    My Summer strategy docs are here: https:

    Those have a general picture of the players I have brought in and am looking to ship out as well as my general strategy for the summer. I also post Monthly updates on how the challenge is going with PB data and financial data as well as some opinion from me!


    Any questions let me know!

  • @Kaned-again Hi Kaned! Thanks for reading and the support. I've got a piece on Fekir's future coming out this week and then the monthly update to look out for too!

    As for Tchouameni, he is very talented and will be due a proper break out season next season as long as he stays at Bordeaux. If he moves he could spend more time on the bench.

    He has been on my shortlist for a long time. I love him as a prospect in real life however for the Index I worry that his lack of attacking influence harms his PB potential. I think he is perfectly capable of being an attacking influence but that his position at Bordeaux is very much a defensive midfielder.

    He has had Prem links this season and so any move to England will obviously see him soar!

  • @FIGenesis cheers for the reply bud. I still consider the French league to be my weakest area of the top 5 so working through your back catalogue has been very useful. Will keep an eye out for your upcoming articles.

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