Back to pumping....

  • 112 shares for 100 quid in Suarez.

    Gonna smash manure tonight.

    Hat trick hero, media buzz winner.

    You heard it here first.

    Ps. Right who’s next on my in red list.

  • tbf I fancy Suarez to do well tonight and perhaps to outshine Messi... But then again i pumped him as my UCL tip for top goalscorer this season and I think he has one goal in the whole competition so far which is terrible for a player with his record...

    Best bet for a goal or two tonight though might be Ronaldo??? Down around 10p on last weeks values.. not many fancy him these days but he still delivers when it matters... Could be a flip opportunity but being stuck with him might become an issue if Juve get knocked out???

  • Speaking of pumping just noticed Ki-Jana Hoever is up for sale now, I'm having some of that, 3 year hold please.

  • 4 games in 10 days. Decent IPD hold. 3 goals = 3.5% ROI. Never mind adding in potential assists...

  • @Millerman Luis Suarez does not get enough love. I wish you well.

  • @Clover He will have loads of love tonight after his hat-trick.........

    Can't wait to pump my next one - he started this morning at a super low £0.89 and is now at a staggering £0.89

    I must be doing this pumping wrong.....

    Let's try another style.

    My mate who works at Matalan in Manchester said he saw someone in a tracky with buck teeth and was with a grey haired bloke in trousers and a Suarez is off to Manchester City....PB Monster, forget Pogba.

    Jump on, jump on.

  • @Millerman GO SUAREZ! 23 Club goals and 8 club assists this season.
    He has my love!!!

  • 1308 day European goal drought ends as houses he is....lump on.

    Imagine Media Buzz when he scores tonight and ends that shit run of games and no goals.

    Whhoooooo im going to be rolling in it, 12 shares will make me rich right?

  • Half time and the Uruguay magician has done what was expected of him and allowed messi to have all the plaudits.

    Watch him go this half. Manure pushing and Suarez will pick them off and take the match ball home with him.

    And in turn I will ponder how to spend my 36p!!!!! Bring it on.

    Got to love football.

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