How much to invest?

  • Realistically how much money do you need to invest to make a decent amount of money on FI?

    I keep seeing on twitter and this forum people depositing 3K, 5K, 10K and making upwards of like £250 on MB, IPD etc.

    I feel like only investing say a couple of hundred ££ will get you nowhere.


  • Not nowhere - It's all relative. It depends what you mean by 'Decent' money as well, but if you can make 10% of your investment, it shouldn't really matter what you've got in there - Just keep thinking in percentage terms and keep it building, totally possible to make decent returns on a low budget.

  • You should generally be expecting to making anywhere between 30 - 100% ROI per annun with potential for a lot more (depending on the platform growth).

    With a few hundred quid to invest i'd stay away from the top players and do a lot of research into unearthed gems (see recent rises like Skov, Szoboszlai, Mollejo) where you could make better ROI.

  • Putting £200 in will serve u better over time than £5/10/15/20 a week on skybet accumulators, put in what u can afford until u know the ropes.. i did that, then 1 day about 2 months in i realised i was actually ok at this and put in a fair chunk, but only when i was confident.

  • Yes all depends what you're looking to do here really.

    What would the money be doing for you otherwise? Can you then add more in as time goes on? Although very unlikely to happen, what is the amount of money you're willing to potentially lose?

    The answer is different for everyone really. But I'd suggest thinking about what the money would be earning you in a bank if its in a savings account, compared to what you could potentially make here.

  • But remember at the end of the day, this is a bet, and there is always the possibility you could lose everything you put in (again - this is very unlikely, but the possibility is there)

  • Put in what you can afford to lose and no more.

  • @Alpilgrim said in How much to invest?:

    Put in what you can afford to lose and no more.

    Oops 😬 😬 😬

  • @Chris-J

    I think it would require massive incompetence to lose it all on FI but this is still gambling so the age old rule applies.

  • £200 billion.

  • I've changed where i put my monthly savings. So its money i can afford to stash and so far better to stash here than any savings account.

  • @Alpilgrim Couldn't agree more and it is easy to forget when most of our portfolios are only going one way.

  • @NewUser332737 This is just my opinion and certainly not advice... Rule no1 - Put in only what you can afford to lose.

    Rule no2. Put in shit loads if you have money collecting cobwebs in the bank.

    Rule no3. Sit back, don't panic when prices fall slightly.

    Rule no4. Get rich or die trying....good old 50 cent tite😁

    Welcome to fantasy world 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • @NewUser332737 If you really do your research and back the right horse you can win plenty with £200 you just need to focus on capital appreciation not divs.
    I bought £200 pound worth of robert skov and hes rising and rising. made me £72 so far and not stopping yet.
    Go for cheaper players and buy more shares if you wanna make a lot of money. its riskier but worth it.

    If you want a steady stream of divs go buy a bign...plenty of ways to win for all different sizes of portfolio.

  • First thing I would suggest is 'IGNORE' everyone on twitter!!!!

    so many spoof accounts, so many preposterous claims, so many people full of tripe and so many accounts set up by FI in the early days to 'entice' people to play FI (in my opinion) which has been a success not because of all the under hand marketing and bullsh*t on twitter... But because the model of FI is a bloody good and fun way to make money...

    Now for you investment...

    As said only invest what you can afford to invest.. And have an end value you want to reach in mind... So for example if you can only invest a tenner... invest a tenner... but have an end goal.. if you want 100% returns... with a tenner it's possible... But you'll only make £20... which in six months - twelve months might be a time consuming effort... But compare that with your bank... It's still much better...

    If you can only afford to invest £100 then still go ahead and do it.. why not ongoing when you learn the ropes and pick up the routine of investing then invest more.. little bits each month soon adds up... Before you know it within a year you'll soon have a portfolio worth 1k plus and you'll be confident enough to invest what you think will achieve the rewards you want!!!!

    Easy for me to say bang 10k, 20k or 50k straight in... But you need to learn the ropes of the platform and have a reason for investing and a target on what you want to achieve... Because if you just throw money at it without structure you might be better shoving it all instead on Barcelona to win tonight???

  • @NewUser332737 I think it's more a question of where you finish than of wher
    e you start. Yeah, it would be great to start from £100,000, but with careful planning & of course a bit of fortune, I would say that it is possible to go from £1,000 to £1,000,000 in 10-15 year's. £1,000 doubled ten time's takes you to 1 million & even if you don't reach that target, with a good strategy, £500,000 IS realistic. All the best to all :)

  • Looks its free money, invest as much as possible. What you can afford to lose is some person who won't make much, none of us can afford to lose this, its a educated risk.

  • I have a relatively low budget, have been putting £100 or so a month in for the past 4 months, currently have 12% profit, so much better than putting it in the savings account I was. I've also found that I'm enjoying doing the research and trying to second guess what the market is going to do. I'd suggest having a diverse portfolio, even with a modest budget I have found that this works best, even if you make a f@ck up, you don't lose it all.

  • @Chickenman I would wholeheartedly agree with this. I have taken a similar approach and found that I'm also currently at a 12% return on what totals at a little over a grand at the moment. Similarly I also enjoy doing the research and spend any downtime i have at work researching players lol. My money is working much harder for me in the football index than it would be in any savings account and although there is obviously the chance I could lose my money on here I think the risk of that is pretty low if you research well, diversify and don't impulse buy

  • @TraderJ definately don't impulse buy. Learned my lesson a couple of times in my first month with that. I guess it's a right of passage!

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