Important- fault in the purchase price

  • I have just spoken direct with FI as I have noticed a fault in the system .

    Please check your purchase history as I fear traders may of been over charged for futures.


    A player is currently valued £1 but your portfolio shows that the average price is £1.10 per future . The overall cost of all your all purchases in that player is £200

    If you were to buy one player the overall cost should be £201 an increase of £1 as per the players current value , however this is where the fault is!!!! You think your paying £1 but when you check your overall cost it is now £201.10p an over charge of 10pence on its current value.

    Check your account

  • @NewUser93727
    But if you check your transaction history is it showing £1 or £1.10 as that is what you are actually charged.

    Your cost price will likely state £201.10 as the average price per share will still be £1.10 and that is how the cost price worked out.

    Average price x total number of shares = cost price

  • I've had this problem

    They never dealt with it.

  • It doesnt matter what amount of money it says your cost is on your portfolio a fixed amount of money left your account so you are not being overcharged. Unless i am misinterpreting what you are saying then i dont get how that is so hard for people to understand

  • @NewUser297678 agree, too many people take the “profit per share” figure shown on the portfolio tab as gospel, when in fact regular trading renders that pretty pointless. It won’t reflect any profits or losses already taken on the player. Use your transaction history, make a note of what you’ve actually paid and what you actually get back - that’s the only profit (or loss) that counts.

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