Market Selling

  • Could someone explain how this works please.

    I have 110 shares in a player I am selling to market with a reserve price 5p lower than his current price.

    This is how I imagined it works

    Player A is £4.
    Trader A market sells with a reserve of £3.95
    Trader B buys 100 shares in Player A
    Trader A sells his 100 shares he had on the market to Trader B
    Player A remains at £4 as the net number of shares owned in him has stayed the same

    This is obviously not how it works because if that was the case my player would not have gone up a penny without me selling him.


  • Someone ahead or behind you in the sell queue may have cancelled their sale listing, thus causing the player’s price to increase. (The price can also go down if other people are adding additional futures to the queue or instant selling, while you’re waiting for your futures to sell.)

    Otherwise, you are correct that is how selling via the queue works.

  • @ocs123 riiiight okay, is there anything that indicates roughly how many people may be ahead of me?

  • @Ricky

    No, unfortunately not.

    Premium players usually sell quickly (in a day or two)

    Mid priced players might be circa a week.

    Cheap players can be far longer - unless they’re suddenly in demand based on a great performance / hat trick.

  • Thanks for the info

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