Jonathan Ikone

  • Anyone kno much about him? Getting decent game time for Lille and France under 21’s. possibly a winger in the mould of Pepe who is certain to leave in the summer. Could this fella take over his role?

  • @GregT14 He looked good the other night. I got on him in play as the Paris defence was falling apart and he was tearing through what was left of them. Two assists i think. If Pepe and Leao leave he could be the star man in the future.

  • Got 500 of him the other day with pretty much the same reasoning as you, already starting and can only benefit from Pepe’s move. Massive upside possibilities

  • Yeah I bought him and his team mate Bamba

    Lille will have Europe next season as well

  • @GregT14 He's another one that got away from the PSG academy. He's really talented and has been the unsung hero of that Lille front three this season. As the other guys who replied have said with Pepe leaving in the summer and maybe Bamba too (although this is less likely) Ikone will have the chance next season to be a centre piece of a front three of Leao-Bamba-Ikone. I jumped on him last week for my French Talent Challenge.

    I also hold a lot of Bamba, at a big loss at the moment!!

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