Pietro Pellegri

  • Anyone know the reason behind Pietro Pellegri's rise today?!

  • He is due back from injury anytime now, im guessing that’s why he is picking up.
    He is going to be a star apparently.

  • @Sinex82 Yup, coming back from injury. That Monaco team next season is going to be a youth trend dream! Pellegri, Geubbels, Massengo, Badiashille, Diop, Thuram.......

  • @FIGenesis sometime soon I'm gonna buy 100+ of at least one of these u mention, I'd throw into the ring gouiri as well. I get the impression geubbels is gonna be the hype monster, while I'd say gouiri is probably the safest bet in terms of being the real deal.
    His goal scoring record at youth level, internationally at least, is comparable to that of a young messi.
    I only worry about his ACL injury. Similarly I worry pellegri may prove to be too injury prone.
    At the minute, I'm leaning towards diop and probably geubbels. Penny for your thoughts.

  • @MickTurbo said in Pietro Pellegri:


    im also slightly cautious of Pellegri, rather see how he reacts to injury - its a big injury for someone that young.

  • Same with gouiri, frustrating cos I have absolutely no doubts about him other than that

  • Be intesting to see how he comes back. I've been on him since Genoa, a 16 year old getting game time in Serie A doesn't go unnoticed.

  • @MickTurbo I think all three are decent bets although Geubbels's price is rising pretty rapidly now. As you say Gouiri's youth record is exceptional, he and Geubbels are my biggest youth holds at the moment. Pellegri is also super talented, I did hold him but sold up late last year. All three need to prove they can stay fit. Availability is the greatest ability and all that!!

  • @FIGenesis I've just read through the link u put in another thread, good read and a great effort, cheers 👍
    I've invested in one of them quite heavily, more so than I said I would earlier. Slight reservations remain about the others though for me

  • @MickTurbo Thanks Mick! Cheers for reading and glad you enjoyed it. Only time will tell if any of them will be of any use!! Plenty more coming on the blog with a planned expansion beyond French football!

  • Been trying to keep tabs on Geubbels for over a year now. But can’t find any new news on his development whenever I google him. Just same old you tube vids and old info. How do we know if he’s actually developing?

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