Tammy Abraham

  • 21yrs old English and tearing it up in the championship. Will he go back to Chelsea ?! Will he increase in price ? I'm certain he will continue to increase in value and his chart will look like a stairwell to heaven! Especially with Chelsea's transfer ban!

  • I dunno man I’m a villa fan...and a fan of Tammy but Idk... he’s a good championship player but prem is a something else, deffo misses as much as he scores, he only had a taste with Swansea in prem look average and Chelsea don’t like to trust youth unless thier forced too and he’s miles off a England senior team call up with at least 4 forwards I’d pick before him. Feel like he might have a burst between now and Summer tho

  • Must admit I gave up and sold recently for a small profit.

    I liked him when I saw him play for Swansea. As said though, the gap between Champ and PL is much bigger than we think.

    Jordan Rhodes, David Nugent, just a couple that found it easy in the lower division, then struggled.

    I think he could get a move to a PL team, but as a back-up.

  • Is he likely to stay at Villa by any chance??? If they go up or stay down I think he would be a great permanent acquisition and I'm sure having had a year scoring goals at what is a very big football club even if in the Championship next season he'll fancy himself going up, or in the Premier League if promoted he'll get the football that he probably feels he deserves, and will be pretty confident of playing each week?

    I'm not sure if Chelsea would take a chance on him yet? Although they may have to if they are transfer embargoed which could work out in one of two ways.. He delivers, or he doesn't? Not sure if I see him as top six Premier League material but I certainly think a good career move for him would be to stay with Villa?

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