Big boots to fill. Messi & Ronaldo

  • Who is going to fill the boots of Messi and Ronaldo. Two of the all time greats are coming to the end of there amazing careers. Ronaldo has 1 seasons left at the top level and Messi probably has 2. Who is the next super star? For me it's a no brainer. Mbappe, currently £5.30 a share. He has got to be worth £8 in 2-3 years. No point risking it on starlets hoping to land the next Sancho or Hudson Odoi. Be realistic and make a steady profit. If you disagree, come at me. Who's the next star?

  • Yes i disagree, there is a ton that will make way more capital growth than that like Jovic,Rodrygo,Kean,Felix to name but a few. Mbappe seems irrelevant and over priced. Players don't have to be the next Sancho to make a ton of money on them. Look at van de Beek today capital growth 45%. I think your missing the boat haha. This game is not robotic, Its about buy and sell too, not just dividends, dividends is only 1 route to money. You can't play it safe and get rich unless your initial capital is 100k+.

  • Mbappe seems a terrible tip in terms of PB returns, he might be a future ballon dor winner but that doesnt mean hes a good share to buy. Look to the scoring tally and check out which youngsters feature a lot. I'd prefer to invest in 10 promising players which are below 50p, which could go up by 300%. All you have to do is find one... Landry Dimata for example ;) ha

  • @JustTheTip - Agree. I believe he will be the best player in the world. As he gets older & varies his game & gets more involved, his PB scores will improve. He has the biggest appreciation profit of all my holds.

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