Sell IPD players now?

  • should I sell my ipd players now to free up funds for summer media players?
    Petagna, Delort and Kruse are the players I'm thinking about selling. They all have 2-3 games left but all seems to be falling slowly.
    Seems like the money would serve me better in media players.

  • The IPD players look like they are dropping quickly. Unless you think you will get a big return in those games I would definitely consider selling although the media players have all risen dramatically over the last couple of weeks so do your research carefully.

  • @BlayneB Completely agree with Zidave here. I think now is the time to start whittling away at your IPD stable so as to beat a possible crash in their prices as the season winds down. Of course IPD holds with potential summer media potential or future strong PB potential are possible holds until next season as long as you're happy to accept a dip in their value over summer. I have been steadily selling to market all of my GKs with the exception of Lloris who i think could generate some media over the summer but also next season when MB opens up to the whole Index.

  • @FIGenesis difference in tactics I know but I am doing the opposite. I have a value that i think IPDs are worth based on games/goal potential/ clean sheet potential. I can't see FI getting rid of IPDs based on the fact they put them up at the last change. So I am topping up as player values drop ready to take the cap appreciation at the start of next season and then sell/re-buy to be eligible for the dividends.

  • @NewUser731

    Ditto - I think I'll ride out the summer, top up and look forward to a good start to the new season.

    I don't think there's any long term risk, we just need to be patient.

    I would estimate a 10-25% cost to transition from IPD to summer MB and I'm not sure I want to spend my summer trying to make that back and turn green. By the time I were to do so, I think it would be approaching the new season.
    Hardly seems worth the effort.

    If I get a couple of sales today - I have no reluctance in buying more Delort at his current price.

  • @NewUser731 It's a decent strategy as long as your willing to accept the drops! My only concern, as you mention, is that IPDs are still a trial and as such, although unlikely, may be scrapped at the end of the trial period. This is unlikely though as I think they make FI a decent bit of cash on commission! As you say, there are different ways of playing the game. That's what makes it so good!!

  • @BlayneB I think that all players will eventually rise again, probably not the older players like Quagliarella, but most others. I would definitely try and avoid using IS, market will buy them from you as soon as the next goals fly in, and with 3 games remaining then you must be expecting goals, hence the fact u bought for IPD.

  • @FIGenesis

    There's clearly a preference from FI to move from 3 year holds to 30 day holds - Personally I feel as though my hand has been forced in this regard.
    It's been reinforced with these Net spend bonuses and that gives me greater confidence in IPD's being a permanent fixture. They would have indicated an end to the trial period if that were their direction going forward. As opposed to increasing them (over share split restructure) and retaining them (in the more recent bonuses announcement).

    We saw last season how players like Fabinho, Fred and Keita took massive decreases once the new season started.
    Further more MB winners will have less individual value come the new season when the dividends are opened up to all players (inc those outside the top 200).

    It doesn't make sense to me to play for 3 months, at the expense of playing for 9 months, worth of dividends. Particularly when we analyze the % returns.

    Of course we can all choose to try to win for 12 months a year, but what better time to take a break, than when the sun visits us briefly ?
    I typically try to avoid the rush hour traffic every day of the year and this summer on FI is going to be an MB rat race.

  • @FIGenesis couldn't agree more. I'm someone who much prefers to take less risks and at the same time accept I will miss out on some of the player hype and quick bucks.

  • @Andy-M the thing is they're all falling since Mondays announcement, I isd delort but his spread was 1p, his price plummeted by 11p so not risking another fall with him although I wonder how far can he actually fall. I'm not in a position to invest at the moment so my ipd players have to go so I can get some media players in for the summer.
    The only idp player I'm keeping is kostic but that's for his pb potential.
    I'm slightly hesitant in letting Kruse go as he has 18% roi in 3 games but his price ihas dropped by 10p going from 7p up to 3p down just seems like the time to let him go.

  • @BlayneB

    strategy wise - not sure... those players will all score between now and end of season - so if still in IPD window for you, judge whether further drops will outweigh either the IPD gains ...or the match day rise because of IPD

    In terms of those players however, another question should be asked about whether or not they will get summer moves. Is Petagna on loan or did SPAL buy him? He is a really good player and still quite young, if he's on loan (he was at Atlanta before right?) he goes back to a club, potentially in Europe … if not on loan, I think he will get snapped up. I have a soft spot for Petagna, he's been a go to Football Manager signing for me for several years!

    Kruse and Delort are goalscorers…. kind of players endlessly linked to small EPL clubs like Palace, Brighton, Burnley … Spurs

  • @C-Arroyo

    I agree, that is what FI want. But I don't see the value. All Atalanta players took a decent sized drop after Monday.

    You know Hateboer, Zapata, Castagne, Illic aren't ever going to win MB. They might win PB once a season being lucky.

    You really have to know the market and when to sell to be successful to nail the market (i thought i was clever buying Immobile before he had 3 single game days in 20 days - 1 game got postponed, then he got injured). Killed me. Haven't played the IPD market since. If Messi or Pogba get injured for 3 weeks I take the initial MB and ride it out as I know the price and dividends will be there in a month. That's why I would rather sit on those players and invest in young unproven players for capital appreciation rather than gamble on a 29 year old forward scoring against bottom of the league.

  • @BlayneB Delort's price has decreased 4p in last 7 days so not sure where you got 11p plummet from.
    But however we look at it the prices will probably rise again next time he bags a brace, some players seem to go up and down regularly, the trick is to sell when they are on the rise, not the fall, remember you can hold for e years, imagine how many new traders will join over next year or two, that's what makes prices rise through the whole market.. Don't panic and IS.

  • @Andy-M

    Delort has dropped 13p in two weeks.

    The amount of times I flip a player in the coming 12 months will be dictated by his price fluctuations.
    If a player has won 3 dividends over 30 days and can be IS'd at a 1p spread, it's worthwhile.
    However when the player has fallen by 13p - I agree with the OP strategy of topping up. It may cost a dividend to wait, but the next sell target would be about +5p and no IS.

  • @NewUser51324

    Not all Atalanta players took a drop.
    Pasalic went up by a penny and stayed there (5%).

    Zapata has been recently been linked with Chelsea, the last few linked in that direction have won ample MB.

    Atalanta also look likely to be playing in Europe next season adding value to each through IPD potential.
    Castagne did not start.
    Ilicic did not score.
    Hateboer could easily have had a hat trick.
    Let's not forget the guy between the opposition sticks was actually the star player on the day. If any one of those 20 shots on target had gone in we'd be having a different conversation.

    I'm not selling these players with another easy home game a week Monday.

  • I see both points of view but there's still some great value to be had, for instance in Serie A where some teams have 8 games still to play in (just over) 30 days.

    I for instance have just topped up on Udinese's Rodrigo De Paul, while in France I'm also looking at Gaetan Laborde of Montpellier (albeit they have fewer eligible fixtures but still some good ones with scoring / assisting potential).

  • @C-Arroyo said in Sell IPD players now?:


    Delort has dropped 13p in two weeks.

    But he said since Monday, not important anyway, when the spread is 1p it's very easy to IS 😁
    I just think that those cheap players will always fly after scoring 1st goal in a game, especially sn early game that puts them on top of the PB.

  • @C-Arroyo I am with you there. I've made sure to get the majority of my summer business out of the way so that I can avoid the rat race.!

  • @gloryhornet88 Absolutely. But you need to be ready to sell when the time/price is right!

  • @NewUser731 Much more relaxing!

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