Strikers in the Premier League to invest in rather than Salah....

  • Any suggestions?



  • @AndyP32 kane world cup will be a buzz magnet

  • IMO Lacazette, once Sanchez goes he’ll fly. Should’ve beat him for pb the other night but Wenger took him off early. Soon he’ll be amongst the top strikers and is at such a low price at the moment. Also for a bit more - Jesus and Lukaku are looking cheap too. Avoid Ibra.

  • Mo salah just look at his stats. Immense

  • Cenk Tosun (Jenk Toe-Soon) Tosun Pasa (has they say in Istanbul) as he’s the cheapest striker and from Basiktas I was in Istanbul a few months back the guy gets assists goals and the amount of Turkish fans Everton will get from this move will be astronomical(commercials about has smart has the son to spurs move for a new fan base) he’s set me back 85p x 215 I feel it’s my best long term hold I only bought 50 origanaly at 70 and kept topping up I’m very supprised he ain’t took off maybe everyone only watches the main teams in the CL and not seen his group goals his passes assists and overall quality in my opinion if he’s come from a league that’s not getting performance buzz to a league that is then surely that should double his value? Other being son however seems he needs to part the Red Sea to get a rise on here. Scores the sweetest of goals and sky stats rate him better than other stats

  • Sterling, Sturridge, Carroll, Arnoutovich, Lookman

  • Lukaku - whether playing good or bad the media are always interested in him, picked up plenty of MB wins not long ago.
    Rashford - not doing much at the moment but sure to rise when the World Cup approaches.
    Jesus - return from injury + potentially the man to replace Aguero when he leaves.
    Rooney - age isn't on his side which makes him a bit risky but he's still capable of picking up the odd MB/PB win and pretty cheap too.
    Firmino - with Coutinho gone and Salah seemingly injured, he's likely to be Liverpool's main source of goals in the short term at least.

    I'm sure there's plenty more good options, those are just a few that leapt out from the top 200.

  • Sterling is having a great season at city plus world cup

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