Mathijs De Ligt

  • I hold shares in Mathijs De Ligt, and I noticed that last night he lost out on the star defender dividend spot to Jordi Alba, and I can't wrap my head around the decision?

    While Alba kept a clean sheet against United and passed the ball to Coutinho for him to then go one and score, De Ligt scored the winning goal against one of the favourites in the competition, and captained his side to an unprecedented victory at the age of just 19.

    I'd love to know other people's thoughts on the matter, as I feel there's definitely a certain Barca bias in this decision, and quite frankly it's a joke.

  • PB is scored on a strict set of rules. You get certain points for certain things.
    it might be that Barca playing style fits the formula better, but we know that before the game and before we buy.

    Click the link in my signature, it should have a list (or link to) the points for each play

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