Messi ?

  • Why drop him when he’s such a good divs returner? I no he’s 31 but it ain’t like he’s retiring this year, why smash the into pogba and drop messi it just don’t make sense to me ?

  • @NewUser92251 people are weird that’s why. Thing is I don’t even think he’s old and has so much more to give on the index. I can’t get over his drop because he earns regular dividends

  • @Barkez_86 another great opportunity to top up

  • @Barkez_86 madness, though id say iys a mixture if new users throwing cash into him last night when he scored and also regulars pumping him and skimming profit.
    Im not sure what to do now with mine.
    Any suggestions?

  • Traders don’t like older players, people holding messi just need to accept it.

  • Panic...people instant selling with huge spreads😖...theses are the same people that complain about loosing money and also the same people that jump back on when they score....ronny was being sold/dumped at 1.86...... 🤑

  • To be honest @Tom77 is completely right. Also I think the market at the moment is all about the ones between £1 - £3, they’re getting so much growth and that is outweighing anyone that gives you dividends and very little growth

  • @Tom77

    Yeah, I think you're right and I don't hold him for that reason.

    But it's crazy that a 31 year old is deemed to be "too old", particularly one who is a PB and MB monster, as he proved again last night.

  • with 'higher risk' players which Messi is (simply because he's in the 30+ bracket) you will find that after price rises you will sometimes see a drop due to shorter term holders cashing out on profit... This is perfectly legal of course... people can buy and sell whenever they like.. Just because they will most probably win dividends again and will most probably grow in cash value it doesn't mean that cashing out on a spike is a bad thing... Remember we all have different strategies... Key with Messi for me is to have enough futures to benefit from his dividend wins but don't fill your portfolio with too much of him in case at any time his price drops... Take Ronaldo for example who has dropped by half in six months.. all the dividends in the world won't claw back that loss on him!!!

  • He might be over 30 but he just seems to keep getting better. He really should be king of the index with his returns lately its madness that pogba is higher in my opinion. Since mourinho was sacked pogba hasnt been the media goldmine he used to be infact im pretty sure messi has had way more media and performance dividends in 2019.

  • Ronaldo drop last night has scared people.

    For me I think he settles at £5

    He has returned 94p this season (only bettered by Pogba) see the top 10 for this season below


    For me he is a good hold purely for the enjoyment he brings, every single game he plays he has a huge chance of winning PB which makes him an exciting hold, watching the best player in the world play and getting paid out for it works well with me.

    He should still have another 2-3 years at the top breaking records bringing him constant MB & PB. Also top 5 media madness on slow news days should see him make the top 5 a fair few times.

    I can see both sides of this argument and I can see why people are selling, if you held him for a while you are pretty safe caus you should have him at a decent price like myself. Buying now will be very hard to gain capital from him, you need to hope his divs outweigh his drops

  • Its the timing i don't get.

    2 more single treble nights coming up, Liverpool will be tough but I make Barca slight favourites. Just PB Star Man again. Has won MB 3 times in the last 7 days.

    Copa America in Summer - can see him being in top 5 for Media loads.

    Messi gets loads of positive articles penned about him so on a mid June day when nothing is happening wouldn't be at all surprised to see him in the top 5 either.

    Massive favourite to win Ballon D'Or.

    Zero signs of slowing down for next season.

  • @NewUser242745 keep him

  • @NewUser242745 keep them, will make money this season, through the summer he will get articles and get in the top 5 quite a lot I believe. and next season he will keep producing. I'm not letting go of mine

  • @dannypea agree about Ronaldo, but he is 3 years older than messi so even if you just held messi until champions league semi next season if barca get there would see a big return I think before cashing out if that's the idea

  • Just topped up. Messi isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He is a div machine and his price is almost an insult!

  • I hold shares and I love him, it does add excitement to the games that he plays. The problem is, he only really drops. The loss through capital investment doesn't seem like it is going to be made up through dividends and I don't want to operate at a loss out of stubborness.

  • @Hotspur said in Messi ?:

    Just topped up. Messi isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He is a div machine and his price is almost an insult!

    I'm still not convinced by him - reckon he's just another 14 season wonder

  • I've owned him almost exactly a month (just before his first hatrick and big spike), has returned 6.5% purely in goals/assists and MB/PB. Amazing!
    This is with Champions league to come against another English team surely will bring in more media wins.

  • He’s just gone up 1p !

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