Messi predictions?

  • Whats he gonna bottom out at?

  • Eventually zero....

    That's where everyone's price ultimately ends up.

  • I'd say £5 even in this drop and then when the champions league semi comes around he'll rise again followed by a fall after. I don't know what everyone else thinks but if you time it right there is potential to make a lot of money from this drop, also very risky

  • Summer will be interesting... I held all last season and through most of the WC but when it became apparent Argentina wouldn't win it I cashed in my Messi for Mbappe and didn't regret it...

    Both Messi and Ronaldo dropped during the summer for various reasons but by August that price in Messi soon shot up when he started playing again and I was hooked in to buy more at a slightly higher price than i sold him initially for... He 'WILL' win dividends during the season especially so on that basis he's hard to ignore!!!

    My dilemma is do i sell in May and buy again in June or July anticipating a drop but buying before a rise? Do i keep throughout and bite the bullet... or do i sell up and get rid at what is still a good profit of +1.24 a share not including the quid or so per share he's earned me over a season in dividends???? I'm thinking keep... but there will be one summer when his value will drop and will not recover!!!!

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