3 year hold

  • Everyone keeps talking about 3 year holds. Has anyone on this forum ever actually kept a player for 3 years and been forced to sell?

  • I think the index has only been going properly for 2 and a bit years so... no????

    I might have mentioned the 3 year thing a few times... Reason why... when we buy a future remember our bet is then valid for three years... That's not to say i'm going to hold it for 2 years 364 days... but that is also not to say I'm in any rush to cash out on any of my futures either!!!!

    Whether you have a short term mid term, long term strategy or no strategy at all it's always good to know how long is the maximum time I can get out of my returns... This strategy whilst suiting my philosophy will probably bore the pants off most people but you can either put your money in the leading player(s) in the index and watch your capital rise over time with very little work in between... or you buy, sell, rising stars, wheel & deal for the same results... No right or wrong way... But I believe if we have a bet for 3 years and within that bet your asset keeps growing in value why cash out any time soon???

  • I’ve been on the index since May 2016 so I have heard loads about he’s not good value for a 3 year hold 😂 most people see within a week or two.

  • Believe the first joiners/purchasers have had this extended by a year, so dont think its hit the end date.

    I could be wrong though, but certain Ive read that on here somewhere

  • @LABoxers85 yeah they were rumoured to have extended it to one more year so 4 in total... but i've never really seen this put into place in writing.. FI have always been quite wish washy with it all.. I can understand that they want traders to trade more frequently than this but with it being in place it would be useful if we knew for certain how much time we had left per future and knowing if perhaps FI after the 3 years would instead of taking all the profit in that future once the time runs out to perhaps fund your account with that futures worth on the day your bet ends?

    I don't like the 3 year thing and don't like FI's policy regarding it... but in my mind to make the most money possible you need to hold the best players for as long as possible... and we are all in this to make money after all!!!

  • @LABoxers85 Your right, they add the year at a trader meet in 2018. So there hasn't been a expired share yet. Adam Cole also said that before they added the year there was less then 5 shares due to expire in 2018 anyway.

  • That’s my point. Everyone selling Messi because he’s not a good 3 year hold? Who is a good 3 year hold no one knows. I guarantee messi will return a tone of dividends in the next 3 years - more than anyone else in my opinion. So can’t understand the drop. Especially as he will rise before the semi final???

  • @NewUser35208 the argument for Messi is where do you see him in three years time??? still scoring 30+ goals in La Liga??? I would be surprised if he is??? But that said... 2/3 years ago people would have jumped on Messi at say £1/2... would have made a rake of dividends and today his price is more than double that having had two share splits in the process! If you kept him for the duration you would be absolute quids in!!! same with Pogba!!!

    My point give me anyone's strategy against holding the best 10 players over the last three years and i think there would be only one winner!!!! That might get more complicated going forward, especially as the likes of Messi and Ronaldo are closing in on their marvelous careers but who's to say a bit of digging and a quid a future on the right player can't return you x2 x3 x4 or more within 3 years if you invest it in the right kind of player???

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