Demirbay, Julian Weigl, Pablo Sarabia

  • Which 1 or all 3? For now and the near future? I have £100 to invest

  • Demirbay - owned him for most of the season, class player, looks good for PB, am holding for next season.

    Weigl - Just bought recently on transfer rumours. Could be a decent hold depending on where he ends up and if he gets games.

    Sarabia - Also bought fairly recently based mainly on transfer rumours but with Sevilla performances to fall back on.

    Conclusion - diversify , go for all 3 !

  • I chose Sarabia over Weigl. There wasn't much in in it to be honest. Either of those two would make a strong choice.

  • Demirbay linked to Arsenal now I see, I do think he looks comparatively underpriced now as someone who has transfer rumours + good PB. A move to the PL or staying with Hoffenheim and Europa League would both be good scenarios. I’ve convinced myself to buy some more anyway.

  • I've bought into weigl and demirbay, see alot of room for price growth compared to other PL linked players.

    Sarabia was one I recently sold as can see him staying at Sevilla and being main man

  • Bought heavily into demirbay recently as mentioned above if he moves cap app and increased chance of PB. If he stays good chance of PB anyway.

  • @Sebastian Sarabia. Scores and assists consistently. He left Real Madrid but I feel he will move to another top tier team again.

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