Hans Vanaken - The Forgotten Man

  • Agree totally

  • I got on him last month after researching him. After reading this invested a bit more into him. Believe he has potential to rocket 🚀

  • Convinced. Just bought 125

  • I bought into him months ago for the same reasons y'all are now. He's just too good for the Belgian league.

    Worry for me at the time was that a lot of reports in the Belgian press were basically saying he didn't really have the stomach to test himself out in a stronger league.

    So for that reason I cashed out long ago. Fingers crossed that I does work out for you though.

  • Thanks for the tip (pump). I've sold Aspas, since he's down 13p since I bought him a week ago. I've still got 3 weeks of IPDs for him to go. I've bought 100 of Vanaken instead. Just watched a skills video of him. He reminds me of Crouchy.

  • On the trending list now. Hopefully from genuine trades and hope there isn't a dump coming later

  • @Allams-Out The press asked him about how Leondoncker forced a move to Wolves. Vanaken said he would never act that way- but then said it should be down to the buying club to make the move happen...hinting he wants a club to make a fuss over him for a transfer.

  • No intention to dump from me... Unless getting on the trending list makes his price go crazy like doubling to 70-80p

    People now talking about this thread on the Facebook group.. But hopefully everyone does research on him.

  • If he moves he's worth a lot more than 42p...defo a hold til something happens- and possibly a PB hold if he moves anyway!
    When else can you buy a PB player so cheap?

    He will match Savanier at least i think 98p. So if he joins a crap PB team id value him around 80p. If premier league then anywhere around £1.20- and if he does well he could be up there with Eriksen £1.87

  • Thomas Meunièr, the PSG player said a couple of days ago that Vanaken would start with PSG and that Vanaken is the best player he has ever seen play in the Belgian League.

  • @NewUser287844
    Done some research.. . This is a MUST buy.. . Guarenteed to double shares as a move is inevitable.. . I say defo within 6 months.

  • He's a Rocket Man. 13% ROI in under 24h! Looks like a quality player....all aboard the Hans train!

  • @Waardle and this is purely based on research on him being shared i think...any news story now or in summer will make him explode. Lots of teams looking for this type of player.

    Imagine seeing him doing one of those goodbye waves last game of season.

  • @Westy I agree. I'm just hoping people aren't jumping on the bandwagon with all the forum discussion just to get out and make a few pence. I'm in it for the long haul - I reckon there's some serious wonga to be made!

  • @Waardle If they jump out prior to any transfer news they'll have to get back on very quickly. And i'm still thinking, its rare to be able to buy a PB earner so cheap- if he does make it and gets PB wins his yield at this price will be massive.

  • @Westy True that, a few PB wins and some IPD's and it's a free investment that's set you give excellent growth potential.

  • @Waardle said in Hans Vanaken - The Forgotten Man:

    @Westy True that, a few PB wins and some IPD's and it's a free investment that's set you give excellent growth potential.

    Buying now rules out IPDs, but he will attract those punters too next season if at a PB team.

  • was thinking earlier... does forum pumping actually work???????

    Can't say i've seen much of this kid, looking at his pedigree at Lokeren & Brugges it's very respectable.. certainly enough to get him a couple of Belgium caps... 10 goals a season from midfield in the Pro League... 27 years old in Aug... He's obviously a good player at that level... Will he be at Brugges next season though??? Can't see any links otherwise... so if that's the case no PB opps... no MB opps.. no IPD opps.... so what does he bring to the table???

    Seen today he's UP 0.10 overnight (ie since this post)... seems to me its very easy to mention a new cheap player and get a quick rise out of them??????????? Anyone heard of Advincula by any chance??? ;-)

  • @dannypea the gamble is all about whether he moves- only cheap because not in a pb league. Was linked with a move last window or summer with Spurs. He moaned about how Leondoncker forced a move to Wolves, said he would never force a move, but expects clubs to make the effort to get him instead. I'm betting he moves this summer. He's at that age where he has to if he's ever going to make the big bucks, let alone any footballing pride he wants from his career.

  • totally get investing in him... I just wonder without any news other than someone on the forum has mentioned him has his price gone up solely on that??? If so (and i know it happens) how easy is the market becoming to manipulate???

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