Hans Vanaken - The Forgotten Man

  • Typical, I sold him yesterday after holding him for months :p
    Still think he will move sooner or later and will buy back in at some point, but for now, there is much more value available. Will keep tracking him though.

  • @MrWh1te if it happens i dont think much changes for him, except hed be at a higher FI profile club so maybe some more buyers interested. Guess more likely to win PB at ajax in europe too.

  • @Westy have you seen that info somewhere? I still hold but may sell after transfer window closes unless he moves

  • @Matt-flint usual minnow belgium paper that all they do is write about Club Bruge, and a dutch journo on twitter...so two separate sources, but nothing major.

  • @Westy ok could be something in it tho 🤞

  • Decent cap app today on the man Vanaken, is he starting for Belgium or something? Chance to show his PB game, espesh if on pens as he is for Bruges.

  • @Westy Looks like he's not starting.
    This is why I've not participated in these internationals.
    If a player in my port plays then Good but I'm not gonna chase a single game or at best a couple.

  • Who knows until the team sheet comes through. But Witsel, Hazard x 2, and Dendoncker are all midfielders missing. In the last 2 qualifiers they played 6 in midfield (including wing forwards) so maybe people are speculatino he will start.

  • I'd say my man Hans has a good opportunity for some IPDs and CA starting from today's match with galatasary. I'll be watching closely for Vanakens rise today

  • He didn't play too bad but Brugge missed so many chances. In a better team he'd be a serious investment.

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