New and looking for more tips

  • Hi all

    I am relevatively new to this only joined after the SS and been playing around at the moment and got this portfolio going at current

    And was wondering how do I take it to the next level I've made approx 6% returns so far but what should I generally be looking out for etc

  • A decent portfolio that is well set up for the summer - not a lot more you can do other than increase your investment if possible, if not then stick with it and enjoy.

  • If you want a greater rise then you will probably need to look to slightly cheaper players in order to achieve it. Although Pogba and Neymar will for example bring good media dividend returns in theory they will need to rise hugely before you see big profits as your percentage growth on then will be small. Also with a limited number of shares your dividend returns will be quite small.

    An example from my portfolio:

    Steven Bergwijn - Shares 60 - Bought at 95p - currently £1.37 = +25.20
    Neymar - Shares 27 - bought 7.62 - currently £7.96 = + 8.10

    I sold Neymar to market today and after commission made barely £4 for a £200+ stake . The money per share rise between the players is not too different but the percentage return on Bergwijn is much greater and I can afford far more shares. I have reinvested the money in cheaper players in the 70p - £2 range and already made more in 6 hours than I did in the just shy of a month I held Neymar.

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