Sub 40p players list

  • @BarbayanBrawler 👍 nice one , I saw he wasn't in squad at the weekend. But good news I hold only a 100 but hes definitely worth a 10p rise again 🤞🤞🥳.
    Fotmob app is a bit slow with changing players info sometimes.

  • @Bezz82 a few goals over next 4 weeks would be lovely at that price.

  • Kelvin Amian @0.32р

    Not on the pb friendly team , but quite pb friendly player and with transfer rumours to Milan and Epl . Long term hold

  • Davide Santon - 20p

    Played 90 minutes tonight for Roma in 3-0 win. Florenzi (first choice right back?) struggling this season with injury so Santon seeing more game time. Not guaranteed that Santon will start every game but if Roma qualify for next stage of Europa (which it looks like they might - it's in their hands) then more opportunities. Also, Roma have 5 games in all comps between now and December 20th!

  • As previously mentioned Linetty is pretty much a nailed on rise once he's back and fully fit, as he will then be knocking on the door for a place in the Euros.

    Lars Stindl was 40p before today's kick off and he's not long been back from Injury but is sometimes rotated between the likes of Plea, Thuram, Hofmann, Embolo etc.... Seems to get more game time EL and scored tonight

    Dominique Heintz 27p CB for Frieburg, was linked to a move to Leverkusen last preseason that apparently fell through, could well be reignited

    Mattia Caldara 45p was a €30m signing from Juve for Milan and has seen a lot of time on the sidelines since then, but is highly rated and possibly pushing for a 1st team start considering the struggle at Milan

    Jonny Evans 38p plays alongside Soyuncu who's worth €1.28, he becomes more value with the Xmas fixtures and the rest of Europe on Winter Break also Leicester have some nice fixtures against Everton, Watford, Villa, Norwich and Everton again

    I don't hold any of these but they are sat in my watch list 😋

  • Stipe perica - back from injury at mouscron, only 24, signed for Chelsea and didn't work out went to udinese and had decent time there but injured a fair bit, hopefully now injuries behind him, scored 3 in last 4 since he's come back and only 17p, pb move again and he will at least double

  • @NewUser365240
    What a call! would of got back nearly a third of your cost in divs last night how many did you buy?

  • @SteC1987
    10p divs on 31p shares same day!
    Not as many as I wanted to! I was waiting for a couple of players in the sell queue which didnt sell. Hopefully that's shop window for him haha

  • @NewUser434312
    I’ve 300 of Linetty and caldara and your right both should see nice profit especially caldara when he’s back playing which should be any day now. Milan’s other 2 CDs are £0.70p so no reason why he can’t get somewhere near that 🤞

  • @NewUser365240
    Not bad at all! Couldn't ask for a better start and if he gets the transfer spec in january he will get a decent rise

  • @SteC1987
    Seeing a lot of sources saying st etienne looks likely which would be great. PB league and team doing pretty well. Someone mentioned the same thing on here as well.

  • @Vaughany I’m in for 300

  • @NewUser365240
    Get yourself topped up with the dividends then pray for the move 🙏

  • Quite a large thread this one, so I apologise if this fella has already been mentioned....stumbled across Duje Caleta-Car this evening. Centre back for Marseille, Croatian International, 23 years old and recently been mentioned as a possibility for Leicester. Starting to play more regularly for Marseille and posted a 7.9 score on Fotmob this evening. Doesn’t seem a bad prospect for £0.32. Any further thoughts on this guy welcomed.

  • Azpilicueta, Chelsea captain, playing full 90 minutes, scored 1G & 2A already.


  • Wesley Said - Toulouse 32p. Toulouse record signing in the summer from Dijon (8 million euro's). 24yr old striker has started slowly at Toulouse mainly due to injury with 1g & 1a in 5 starts.

  • @Pagey74
    Why should we trust whatever wesley says?
    I apologise in advance.

  • @NewUser365240 shocking joke....1/10

  • @SteC1987
    Thought it
    Posted it
    Regretted it.

  • @Ben_pz He's potentially the best valued player under 50p on the index imo. He's continually linked to much bigger clubs in England and Italy and without doubt will be in the Euro's with Poland. He's a very technical and skill-full player however he needs to contribute more goals and assists over a season.

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