Sub 40p players list

  • @Vespasian32
    I hold a quite a few grujic he’s had a good season out loan in good profit already but I think if he comes back and is around the team his price will only go up.

  • Sturridge and Welbeck. Both have some transfer potential and with that and more playing time could go up 20p or so easily

  • Mentioned him once before and he is a long shot but sebastian driussi at zenit is still only 20p. Plays right wing, 6 goals 6 assists this season and would have been at sampdoria by now but for having a baby due at the time of the transfer.

    Havent bought any yet but at 20p I might just throw a bit of dividend money at him over the summer and what happens happens

  • Jovanovic Bordeaux - 21p

    Hinteregger Frankfurt - 26p

    Herelle Nice - 29p

    Srarfi Nice - 20p

    Vlasic Everton - 37p

    Ponce Roma (AEK loan) - 26p

    Ajeti Basel - 31p

    Almamy Toure E Frankfurt - 30p

    Chang-Hoon Dijon - 21p

    Ings Liverpool (Soton) - 38p

    Golovin Monaco - 40p

    Mittelstadt Hertha Berlin - 30p

    Do your own research but if you can't find value in all/some of the above you really didn't ought to be on here!

  • I just boosted my Gbamin stock- seems to be too much Arsenal noise to be nothing. Could be a classic of linked with Arsenal but going Westham type ordeal, but any move to EPL will see him rise and if it is Arsenal he could easily return 50-100%

  • @NewUser159387 I like Herelle- had some good PB scores. Vlasic i hold but worried he may stay in Russia...if he goes to a PB team hes got massive PB potential- so worth the punt.

  • @Westy said in Sub 40p players list:

    I just boosted my Gbamin stock- seems to be too much Arsenal noise to be nothing. Could be a classic of linked with Arsenal but going Westham type ordeal, but any move to EPL will see him rise and if it is Arsenal he could easily return 50-100%

    I had a small holding but have bought 300. Lots of Arsenal news for £30m over the last 24 hours and I can't believe they would be the only team interested.

  • @NewUser159387 just seen your list. I cant believe golovin is only 40p. He was class at the world cup. Now hes had time to settle in Monaco I think he'll be great next season.

    For the record I have 1000 and I fully expect to make some decent money out of him.

  • Daniel caliguiri is worth more than 25p. His stats on FI have been great but hes been out injured. Shame hes 31 but still plenty of time to make some money there.

  • @Westy

    Landry Dimata - all be it just over the 40P bracket. He’s currently 42P a share but I feel there could be very good valve here.
    13 goals & 3 assists in 20 appearances.

    Paterson Daka - (one for the future) currently £0.26 a share.

    Adrien thomasson - a steal at £0.23.
    Plays every game for Strasbourg
    5 goals & 8 assists in 28 appearances

  • @NewUser159387 said in Sub 40p players list:


    Srafri and Ponce look interesting. MLS were looking at Ponce- Timbers i think, but Roma now looking to keep him next season?
    Srafri was linked to EPL last summer.

  • @WLR10 Dimata looks a good shout, had a recent rise, maybe ive missed the boat?

  • Calabria Milan 38p just got linked with Man Utd

  • @WLR10 If you read some interviews dimatra's been burnt before by a couple of moves and his agents fucked him over when he went to wolfsburg. I reckon he stays in his safe space for another year.

  • Dimata definitely one to look at.

  • Pedro Reboccho has been good for IPD but I still think he is a good hold. Leeds among others were sniffing around last summer and think he will get a move.

  • Also Boyata is out of contract in the summer. Guaranteed a move to a big league. Rumours he has signed a pre contract with Hertha Berlin. Currently 27p.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 19 year old Samuel Shashoua - Out on loan from Spurs in Segunda División B .
    On the scoresheet again at the weekend as top spot side Atletico Baleares registered another win in their title bid.
    Was on the Spurs first team bench for the first time in May, 2017 so on the Poch radar.
    Highly rated and back to Spurs in June to push for a prem start?
    Worth a punt at 23p?

  • Sturridge I could see sacking off to China or somewhere for some megabucks. Might get a day or 2 of MB for that, but if he was that interested in dropping down the premier league he would have done so, and I think most premier league clubs will be pretty wary of him due to his massive wage demands. I do hold a fair few of him but becoming increasingly worries he is just gonna chase the money.

    Marega I could see at Southampton, West Ham or Leicester. Most of those clubs will be looking for a key forward next season, especial Southampton and West Ham. They won't be looking at his misses against Liverpool, but more that he caused problems and created chances. The goals will come. Pretty much the perfect style forward for the premier league and I suspect he will go. A key striker for a premier league side will be worth a few bob.

    Arzani- More of a long term investment, but super talented and cheap as chips for a player as talented as he is. I do hold quite a lot here, Part of the City group. Suspect he will play a key role for Celtic next seasons . On the Celtic theme Rogic is worth a punt. Probably outgrown that division and only a matter of time before he signs for a premier league club. Again I do hold.

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