Sub 40p players list

  • @Ringers What’s being in PL got to do with it? No relevance unless you’re talking about MB really. And yeh Jonny Evans is getting on a lot. Surely you want someone who is little/no risk that has years ahead of them...

  • @NewUser142017 PL has loads to do with it. Lots of traders wouldn’t be able to name most of the teams in the other PB leagues let alone any of their players.
    PL is what they/we read about, watch, support.
    PL players are at a premium because they are PL players.

    It wasn’t a dig at your selection by the way, just an comparison, to show the ‘value’ in someone I hold

  • @Ringers Yeh nw, didn’t take it as a dig. Just don’t think at that price level PL or non-PL has any relevance. If anything you could argue the opposite, that PL players should be better known amongst current users so someone like J.Evans is at that price for a reason (poor PB score for regular starter and is old with little potential for cap app.) For IPD maybe he’s worth a look, but sub40p suggestions for me about finding potential diamonds in the rough (hence the amount of non-PL tips in here)

  • Fonte 28p and 100pb at half time, no goal.

  • @Tom77 He has an assist

  • @IceCat said in Sub 40p players list:

    @Tom77 He has an assist

    Still very high

  • @Tom77 said in Sub 40p players list:

    @IceCat said in Sub 40p players list:

    @Tom77 He has an assist

    Still very high

    Edit 113 at halftime.

  • Fernando Calero. 23 years old, centre back, has just joined Espanyol for £7 million. Espanyol are also in the Europa League this season and have seemed in decent shape so far in qualifying.

  • @R2d2

    Totally agree.

  • Just bought into Stefan Savic. Currently 35p and very little movement in price for the last 6 month/ 1 year so seem low risk that his price will fall. 28 y/o centre back who played 18 games for Atletico last season with 2 assists. More importantly his contract is up at the end if next season and there is surely going to be a couple of premier league teams sniffing around for him. Also the advantage of the euro qualifiers as well for interest. Could see him around the 50p mark by the end of the season with the right transfer links.

  • A few heading into the weekends games:

    Vitolo - Atletico Madrid - 30p
    Potential bargain. Has played in all pre-season games getting a start in quite a few. Signed from Sevilla for 35 million Euro a couple of years ago and had to go on loan because of transfer ban. Then struggled to cement a starting spot last season making 28 appearances mostly as sub but has really impressed in pre-season and i could see Simeone rewarding him with a lot more game time.

    Thiago Silva - PSG - 36p
    Low price because of uncertainty about his role this year. Started first game of the season and was well on course to win top defender before being subbed of with ten minutes to go. Looked class and if starts next few games should see him increase in value. He is Captain so I fully expect him to.

    Francis Coquelin - Valencia - 22p
    Ok not the most exciting pick but at 22p for a player playing champions league football with Valencia there is not too much downside. Has been an important player for them since joining from Arsenal.

    Solly March - Brighton - 40p
    Young, English and Brightons new converted left wing back. A player who I thought had a good season last year in a team that were awful to watch. Potter is an exciting attacking manager who puts faith in young players. I personally think March has the chance to kick on this year under Potter.

    Lorenzo Venuti - 22p - Fiorentina
    Has played the majority of Fiorentina's pre season games as starting right back. Was on loan to Lecce last year and helped get them promoted, they wanted him back but Fiorentina wanted to keep him after a good pre-season. Only 24 years old

  • @Ben_pz Brighton have 2 home games against 'easier' sides. Iv gone in on Duffy, good goal ratio and facing 2 poor defensive sides. my tip for the weekend

  • @BarbayanBrawler I went work Glen Murray. I think he's got a good record against them

  • Milos Veljkovic 23yrs old. 32p Serbian international with good PB scores. Very undervalued

  • @Yellow said in Sub 40p players list:

    If people are thinking assists are going to be weighted more then you could do much worse than Santi Cazorla. 10 assists and 4 goals last season. In good form in pre season too, he got 3 assists in a friendly against Augsburg today and scored in his previous friendly against Levante.

    He also got good PB scores last season, winning 3p in PB dividends on top of his IPDs and averaged 1.3 PB per minute.

    Only 37p and you'll have a load of opportunities to sell to market when the IPDs roll in. Buy now and you'll also get 2 eligible IPD games against newly promoted Granada and below average Levante.

    Hope some people got on Cazorla, up 57% since my above post 3 weeks ago. Got 2p in IPDs yesterday, and also importantly posted an impressive PB score of 215.

    Next game is Friday night against Levante on a single match day, no reason why he couldn't be a PB winner if things fall his way.

    Also, if he retains his place in the Spain squad then they have a couple of attractive Euro qualifiers away to Romania on 5 September and then home to Faroe Islands on 8 September.

  • Paolo Ghiglione - 23yrs old down as a defender but is now playing as a winger for Genoa. Scored 3 in 4 games in pre-season. Only 35p...a glitch in the system

  • Rachid Alioui 34p angers. as a long shot. Games against metz and dijon next. Started last 2 games as lone striker. Not one for a long term hold but for quick gains, a goal or two should see him increase for a quick flip

  • Dylon Bronn 28p - moving to nantes or rennes from Gent. Solid CB and only 24 years old. Scored 7 in 28 last season so looks good value at his current price

  • @NewUser142017 I'm liking Ghiglione. Can see a big rise when Serie A kick off. I'm on him! Thanks :)

  • Mark Noble - 30p - West Ham

    He will have a bit of attention on him tomorrow. 15 years since his debut and appearing on football focus. West Hams penalty taker and capable of decent PB scores (last game of last season scored 224)
    Will be interesting to see who starts tomorrow out of him and Jack Wilshire . Noble has now recovered from calf problem and Wilshere has struggled first two games. He's played over 30 games every season for 12 years so expect him to play sooner rather than later.

    5 goals and 5 assists last year.

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