Sub 40p players list

  • Ihlas Bebou. 0.40p outshining everyone in relegated Hannover

  • Bebou for me as well, got on at 29p now 40p and climbing whilst being out injured.
    Certain TFR as Hanover will be relegated and clocked as the fastest player in the bundesliga.
    Back in training and due back any game now.
    Nominated for Rookie of the month twice before injury.
    Apologies for pump but this can only go one way IMO

  • Bebou now up to 41p

  • Just sold my 101 in Ilicic to buy Bebou. Thanks for the tip. I'll now look at his skills video on YouTube.....

  • @Ericali said in Sub 40p players list:

    Llorente 36p.

    The night he plays the Champions League semi final at home Vs Ajax.

    He will be one of only 3 players eligible for the 5p top forward award. The others being Tadic & Neres.

    I see Spurs winning the first leg so if Tadic or Neres don't score (I can easily see Spurs winning to nil) he would be eligible in a 3 horse race for a 18 PTS PB score if Spurs win - even if he doesn't score!

    If he does score - he's winning it hands down.

    Obviously, Son is suspended for the 1st leg & Moura is a midfielder on Football Index. 👌

    Plus you get your 30 day IPDs at 1p per goal & assist & the IS spread is only 2p lower.

    No brainer. ⚽💰

    Llorente is a great shout. He's played 574 minutes this season, which is 6.5 games of football. He's got 8 goals and 5 assists in those games. Buy now and you'll get any IPDs he collects in the 3 games before they play Ajax.

    One thing to point out though is that Montpellier vs PSG is also scheduled for 30 April, so there is another PB eligible game that day. However I anticipate Llorente's price will continue to rise ahead of that game regardless.

  • Sorry if repeating anything here, just not got time to read through all the above.

    Been having a look at 'young' English players that for some reason have just not kicked on at the moment.

    Hamza Choudhury - Leicester - 41p (Whats 2p between cyber mates). 21 year old and not really kicked on from last season when he broke into Premership football. His hair-do alone should mean he is worth more.

    Tom Davies - Everton - 35p. 20 years old, broke into the first team at 17 years old and this season should have been the season for him after 33 games last season as sub and starter. He's not playing great, but neither has he been crap. What will make his price rise?

    Dujon Sterling - Chelsea - 32p. Just 19 years old and has been playing in defence on loan at Coventry, has the pedigree to be a decent player and usually plays in the middle of the park. Deffo worth a dabble for the price and see what happens over the next 3 years.

  • Kevin Mbabu just turned 23 and has been confirmed by Wolfsburg as joining them this summer which will finally make him a consistent PB player, gets plenty assists and looked solid at Newcastle when he was younger, don't know why we let him go!

  • @Hartley maybe some luck with the nations league game for Swiss coming up, but 3 assists all season isnt going to nail PB imo

  • @Londoner ouch there's some really bad ones there lol. Doesn't do him any justice whatsoever

  • @Munchie63 I remember his game against Man Utd in the champions league and he did very well, maybe current assist stats are a little dodgy but I'd say he's worth a punt, his speed is also pretty insane!

  • @Hartley oh I wish you well on the punt mate. Just not for me

  • @LABoxers85 remember rolando at Leeds, seemed very good back then might have a little look now!

  • @AbuOG said in Sub 40p players list:

    @Londoner ouch there's some really bad ones there lol. Doesn't do him any justice whatsoever

    The one I saw was too far away. It appears he is a skilled speedster.

  • Jonathan panzo.
    World Cup winning defender , part of the foden,sancho crew.
    Playing at Monaco , got to be worth 48p ?

  • Hi guys new reader here player in this 40p market oumar solet at Lyon 19 should be breakthrough season for him next year arsenal interested also defo worth a punt a long term hold definitely

  • @LABoxers85

    Castagne... quality mate.. . Done some research and he's link with big clubs milan roma etc.. .and his displays have been great.. .certain to rise i'm in!

  • Good to see Wilshire get 5 mins yesterday. I'm hoping for just enough games to get his hype up before the end of the season before he gets injured again!!

  • Yacine Brahimi and Hector Herrera both refuse to sign contracts at Porto and are certain to move to PL or La Liga, 2 very decent players that will score well in PB league.
    F.Tait at Angers. Getting a move in the summer and has a great base score with a poor side. Will be a bigger PB threat in a better team.

  • How hell is Cabella still under 40p, another goal today PB showing that came close, he had quiet spell as did team, but likely champs league football next year.

  • @G-France CL won't actually help for his pb tho.

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