Sub 40p players list

  • list of players i have searched francis coquelin 22p destroyed messi on youtube 2p spread worth 22 million according to transfermarket plays 1st team valencia not much risk there,conor cody 50p must reach Β£1 if he makes the england squad. danilo pereira 31p porto and portugal 3p spread 27 mil (transfermarket) good for euros, koffi djidji 17p plays reg for torino where do you get cb who plays in pb league for 17p. and yes got 300 of them all.

  • I got on Coquelin as well. It’s crazy to have a starting XI midfielder at that price with CL time ahead at that price. Good one!

  • I have Coquelin too. Wait until he gets one goal or an assist, it's a 5% ROI in IPDs alone. Very low risk hold.

  • Just as a warning I held Coquelin as well at the beginning of the season because I thought the same thing. I then held for a month with no change and took another 2 months to sell.
    Having said that he should have more value in latter stages of Europe but 1 goal and 1 assist in 5 seasons there is a reason for his low price.

  • @Ben_pz totally make sense, but we are talking about 22p for a top team midfielder with CL game time ahead. The reward is potentially huge (even if low probability of getting divs) with very low risk (how is he so mispriced? there are 3rd league players at double value)

  • @NewUser455434 @NewUser213636 @BradD @Ben_pz
    Coquelin is an Enigma totally baffled by his price especially as he is only 28....I wonder if that's the problem people think he older as he's been around for ages I dont know. His PB score avg is 63 a 153 in Dec.
    Problem is Parejo is the main man but he may be suspended against Barca this weekend so coquelin might get a chance of a good score 🀞.
    I've held him twice as he's been a non mover, but purchased into him again as it's crazy not to at that price.
    A few lower placed premier league clubs need a player of his pedigree.

  • Yeah it is a bit daft that he's like 23p. I don't care who the player is or what his PB scores me another midfield player who is a regular first teamer for a Champions League side and is under 30 years old for less than say 40 or 50p. I highly doubt there is one!

    As the market grows and his price stays the same he looks even cheaper. Only takes 1 big buyer to get on him or him to score a goal and people will jump on.

    Realistically he should probably be around 45-50p

  • Coquelin is a fairly low risk punt at that price. πŸ€”

    Plays European football & in a PB league, he seems to be a bit of an anomoly price wise.

    The rising tide of the platform should make him a safe hold if nothing else, & if he scores or assists & hits a decent PB he could hit a 50% ROI very quickly.

    Good spot. πŸ‘

  • Morgan Schneiderlin 26p and been excellent for Everton tonight with a decent pb score so far.

  • Renato Steffen 28p Wolfsburg and Regular Switzerland starter for Euros. Sure to get a decent rise soon

  • Edimilson Fernandes 39p.

    PB league regular? Check! First team regular at Mainz

    Good age? Check! 23 years old.

    Euro 2020 involvement? Check! 14 caps for Switerland starting in their recent Euro qualifier against Georgia (didn't start in the game against Gibraltar where changes were rang).

  • Manu Trigueros

    38p, 28yo playing in the Villareal midfield. Seems to have become more of a regular recently, has been on some set pieces and even took a penalty when Cazorla (now 35) was off the pitch. Reasonable spread, seems worth a go IMO

  • @BradD this will probably be the Fernandes that man Utd end up with!!

  • Sky sports linking utd to ighalo lol.

  • @Vespasian32 you must have been laughing when you bought 1000 of him like myself πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

  • @Gregolocky correct! Sold 800 already for a 10% profit. Not bad for 5 mins work

  • @Gregolocky just picking up speed on twitter tho with the pumper promoting him at 41p so I'll keep a couple hundred see if he gets to 50p... Or IS if he goes to 38ish

  • @Vespasian32 ya i was thinking 50p is my exit point as well but I’ll just keep an eye on him for an hour

  • @Gregolocky sold. Easy money

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