Sub 40p players list

  • What price would he be at Utd tho, picked up 500 for the ride

  • @Vespasian32 ya started selling myself at 48p got 300 left to go 👍🏻, a handy £150 in an hour

  • @Matt-flint risky... I guess he could be anything up to a £1 if he got some games. I'd say there's very small chance of him going to utd tho.

  • Chinese league starts 22/2/2020 so wouldn't be much of a loan he's got a yr left....

    He bloody f@#king better not as I sold up on him after he didn't go back to Watford.....

    Typical 🤢

  • Gudmundsson back fit once again and should start for Burnley in the FA cup today. will 100% rise from 31p. If you compare him to other set price takers and corner takers for mid table PL teams he’s a steal. The closest 2 players I can think of that play in similar teams and are of similar age and take set pieces are Pascal Gross for Brighton and Milivojevic for Palace so there’s a fair rise in Gudmundsson yet.

    He also has the playoffs for Iceland and possible Euro’s so looks a real safe hold at his current price.

  • Sabiri for Paderborn. 23yr old mid. Stats look good this game and he just scored a pen so I’m going to say he’s ‘on pens’ young and 40p!

  • Wow not 40p any more since I wrote this I should have been buying more.

  • Venuti 27p.. 24 Yr old wing back starting for fiorentina... Saw a fair few on ticker. Late to party but if he can lock it down that's very cheap

  • Tapia 0.22 mentioned a bit today re move to Celtic or Rangers plus has cops America coming

  • Santon back for roma.. 27p.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Sub 40p players list:

    Santon back for roma.. 27p.

    Was 22p earlier how many you buy !?

  • Had a bit of a rise yesterday but Jordan Amavi, 40p, 25 years old and will probably have European football next season

  • @nicky540 couple thousand. Can imagine him back to his best being very good for FI. Big question is can he get back to his best? He was a world beater at 18... Worth a punt. Was watching a documentary on BT sport after the bayern game last night... God knows what it was about but randomly there was a good 10 min segment on Santon under mourinho and his original move to roma

  • @nicky540 84pb ht in a 1-1...pretty good

  • @Vespasian32 fwiw but for that equalizer hed have been on for 107 by HT which would have caught the eye a bit 👍

    I don't hold but hes got my attention

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ben_pz said in Sub 40p players list:

    Alexander Djiku - 34p - Strasbourg - 25 years old.

    I bought at 31p earlier today and didn't have a chance to post about him before work. Risen 3p so it seems others have clocked on to this guy.

    Started looking into Strasbourg players as they have won 5 out of 7 of their last league games. I noticed Djiki has been playing in midfield the last few games even though he is classed as a defender. His PB scores are decent averaging 111 in the last 3 months and he is averaging 7.44 on whoscored in his 4 games in midfield.

    Was playing at relegated Caen last season. He was their stand out player according to reports and was linked with premier league clubs.

    If he carries on in midfield he could be a bargain at 34p

    Now 37p. Played in midfield again last game where Strasbourg beat Monaco 3-1 away with a 123 PB score.

  • @MickTurbo he avoided the usual drop after being subbed too and is up a few more pence. If someone like Ashley Young is 50p at a non pb friendly team and much older... I think Santon has room to double or more. Can see him getting a few opportunities with europa starting again soon

  • @Vespasian32 good pb scores will do that mate. If he can keep putting them up then he'll continue to rise. Just been looking at the cap app thread. Santon is one of the top 3 off the back of minutes and apparent pb suitability and Marcal is another after having won pb yesterday. As I've said before divs or divs potential at least, and cap app do go hand in hand so if he can repeat yesterdays numbers hes gonna be seen as a divs threat whenever roma win, especially to nil, and will continue to rise. I'm on board as soon as I sell some shares. I think everyone skint till Friday cos I cant sell owt at the min

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