Sub 40p players list

  • Zakaria Bakkali, just returned to the bench from long term injury and once seen as a wonder kid.

  • @Vespasian32
    What price do you think we will rise to? I understand that he seems undervalued for fullback but wouldnt people already have jumped on him?

  • @Davey venuti? he went up then got dumped when he was subbed. I dunno what's he down to now? Maybe he'll just be the guy to buy on a Monday and sell on match day.

  • Marcos Acuña 38p of Spt Lisbon not in the squad tonight, should we read anything into this with regards of interest from Monaco?

  • Just sold 300 Marc-Oliver Kempf at 56p, some guy just bought 6000. Clearly a fan of @MickTurbo tips ;) Only annoyed I hadn't managed to make my holding bigger first.

  • @Webbinho He bought a lot more than 6000 - he was responsible for nearly all of that 20p rise.

  • @janner73 I only caught the back end of it then! I did a quick search expecting to see PB league links but nothing, so sold up.

  • @Webbinho Yeah it was pretty much all one guy - thought I was seeing things lol!

  • @Webbinho I'd like to take some credit for this rise but I've never mentioned this fella. I have mentioned quite a few very cheap players which is what's made you think this was one of mine but I cant claim it unfortunately.

    Now Johannes Geis on the other hand. He is a gold plated Turbo Tip 😉

  • @MickTurbo I'm on Geis, Trigueros and Kempf (now sold) as my cheap punts. I think perhaps he was mentioned in response to your tips, so perhaps indirectly you can take some credit there!

  • Kamil Grosicki 29p. Looks like he's off to West Brom.

    Good chance of promotion to the prem plus likely to be involved with Poland at the Euro's.

    Always got goals and assists in him. I'm having some at that price.

  • @Allams-Out yeah I have 400 since 25p links up so well with lewandowski in Poland squad. On set prices for them too

  • Tom Cleverley back in training
    worth a punt at 22p?

  • Miguel Guerrero 24p striker to Leganes to fill En Nesyri departure... Had a rise and fall already so the dumpers may be finished with him.

  • Koen Casteels 32p

    6 IPD chances in Feb, plus the super match day divs.

    PB average of 78 which x6 would be 468 super match day points. A slight over performance on that and he would be returning 2p per share for super match day.

    Add to that IPD chances with games against Paderborn, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Mainz and 2 games against Malmö. A couple of clean sheets and he could ROI of 15% ish for Feb!

  • Borja baston £.40p just over now

    Heading to Aston Villa for a medical

  • I need to mention that La Gumina, highly rated 23y/o striker just joined Sampdoria from Empoli. Only 30p, Caprari left Sampdoria for Parma so we can expect plenty of game time.

  • I may have mentioned him in here before but Yunus Malli (32p!) is now starting for Union Berlin.

    27 year old attacking midfielder recently signed on loan - gets in the Turkey squad too so could represent good value for anyone looking ahead to the Euros.

  • Jens Stryger Larsen 30p. Plays as a wingback for Udinese and has Euros with Denmark. Has decent PB scores aswell. 5 games in next 30 days

  • Borja baston £0.39p Low spread, A nice little gamble. If hestarts and does pretty good, i can see him rise quite sharpish. i have 300 futures and 1p down.
    Bjorn Engels, 0.40p Hes back and just come on as a substitue.. Just gone up 1p as i write this . I own 100 futures and even money. Will now rise due to return from injury and should start most games.

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