Sub 40p players list

  • With Lorient seemingly certain for promotion, think someone may have mentioned Vincent Le Goff on here. I agree he looks value when looking at his current stats

  • Does anyone have any idea why Sergio Pena has risen from 16p to 33p suddenly? Got him at 9p months ago and sold as he left Granada for Emmen so no PB. Peru international and only 24 years old. Fuming.

  • @Will78 Maybe because he was pumped on the twitter yesterday...Shame about no PB league because this one is good looking player...

  • @Maverik Fair play 👍. Yeah should have been patient. Oh well

  • Andrija Zivkovic. Benfica winger. Top end of the bracket at 40p per future but he's previously been linked with moves to the Premier League, including Everton and Arsenal. Rumours that he was also keen for a move prior to the January window so the summer could be the time he does move on.

  • @NewUser201814 said in Sub 40p players list:

    Andrija Zivkovic

    Known as the Serbian Messi which for 40p a throw is good enough for me to have a small punt, as the speculation alone could lead to a decent rise.

  • @NewUser201814 not a major risk at his price but has only played 1 game this season.

    According to the article below Benfica even tried to pay him off to leave but he still didn't move in January.

  • @Gelo808 In on Hendrick as well got an assist today, ok PB for Super Match Day ponts as well. Playing 90 mins more often and obviously the Euro qualifier as well with him being on set pieces

  • @NewUser509988 5.19% ROI already with 87 points for Super Match Day and an assist IPD 😎

  • @MickTurbo

    Simone Palombi tearing it up in Serie B, 23 on loan from Lazio. 25p


    Roll up

  • @Vespasian32 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Up 2p in no time, nice pump eric 👍💰

  • @MickTurbo actually a pretty good buy. Bound to be 40p odd in summer window

  • @Vespasian32 great find. looks a great little Italian player. I’m in for a few 100 at that price. Agree, .40p if he keeps this up.

  • @Vespasian32 Wow. A 23 year old (not exactly a prospect) with a poor record then he scores two at home v second bottom in the league. Please share your secret of convincing people to buy players like this so I can plough my life savings into Sammy Ameobi.

  • @SteC1987 put your life savings on him then I'll tell you

    There is a threshold price for players in pb leagues tho... And the theshold is banded on age and position.

    Palombi has no value now... But in summer if he's done enough to be second fiddle at lazio or get a transfer or loan to serie A team... Then as a young-ish striker... 40p is very realistic. Then he's getting to age where he should peak... So not beyond realms he would hit form somewhere and be a decent ipd hold. Many examples of these sort of players.

    I didn't expect he'd rocket 40% in a matter of minutes... But I equally wouldn't be surprised if at some point he's over 40p in summer... So for med/long term holders he's a good option. And as a short term trader he's proved to be a good option

  • Fedor Smolov (36p) Celta Vigo. just scored against Real Madrid. Should be part of Russia’s euro squad. 20p cheaper than Dzuba who’s in a non PB league.

  • @NewUser455434 Bradaric is playing tonight against Real Madrid, by far the cheapest midfielder on the pitch, 19p

  • @Vespasian32 I read that the loan had an option to buy so I'm not sure if they want him back and I'd imagine he's had enough time to prove himself by now. Although I agree with your point that at his age in a pb league if he's getting minutes then 40p is probably a minimum. I think he'd need to go on a scoring streak to earn the chance. Can't argue with the short term trade though not bad for an afternoons work, the fact that I have a different opinion is irrelevant really.

    I'll pass on Sammy though thanks for the offer, probably a bad example anyway considering Forest are in the promotion mix.

  • Gudmundsson back fit once again and should start for Burnley soon he’s .30p

    From press conference just now - Sean Dyche confirms that Johann Berg Gudmundsson is back in contention for the weekend's game.

    If you compare him to other set price takers and corner takers for mid table PL teams he’s a steal. The closest 2 players I can think of that play in similar teams and are of similar age and take set pieces are Pascal Gross for Brighton and Milivojevic for Palace so there’s a fair rise in Gudmundsson yet.

    He also has the playoffs for Iceland and possible Euro’s so looks a real safe hold at his current price.

    All that for .30p 👍

  • @Bezz82 Don't see him taking them off Westwood and Mcneill atm

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