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    One of a few ive recently bought. Is out injured so may not be back until after the international break. He won PB once last season. He started 34 games last season and averaged 87 minutes per game so he isnt subbed of very often.

  • @Black-wolf whats the app you using?

  • @Nikitz71 its index gain through the slack app

  • Oliver Burke -37p just joined Levante on loan. Could be very good value if he starts playing and scoring. Bags of potential

  • Rochina 37p
    Fwd for Levante vs Valladolid today, not much of a spike in build up to the games this week, if he scores he goes up 10p i bet...ipd/spike sell return.

  • Pizzi - 33p
    Benfica attacking midfilelder 3 goals and 2 assits in 3 league games this season.
    Benfica in champions league this season in a weak group

  • Rachid Ghezzal (Fiorentina) 29p

    Leicester paid Monaco 13m last summer but never really setttled at all.19 apps 1 goal. If he can rediscover his form from Monaco and in particular Lyon then he could be a real bargain. He has a good history of scoring and assisting goals. At Lyon he played 73 games with 10 goals an 12 assists. Aged 27.

  • @Kevinpk Weak group? We're looking good to finish bottom, if not our usual 3rd. Granted if we do score a goal, Pizzi will most likely be getting the assist. He also takes pens.

  • Was just looking through some stats and someone who really catches the eye and I hadn’t noticed before is Marlon Santos - 23 yr old Sassuolo defender. Averaging 92 passes per game including 122 in his last game , 3 key passes in his first game , some good single days coming up and super cheap, 35p.

  • Not quite sub-40 but Nikias Stark is 42p a regular for Hertha Berlin and in Germany team. Also previously won the Fritz Walter medal (Germany’s best youth player whose precious winners also incl. Kimmich, Havertz, Neuer)

  • Right on the limit but Diego Godin 40p. Back from injury this weekend and will be key in Conte's defensive plans. On a single game day, he could challenge for PB with a clean sheet and the number of clearances/blocks he puts in. Always chips in with a few goals aswell. Not much risk with him at his lowest price in a year now. A goal will see a spike .

  • Alright bit of a cheat as he is 41p but just jumped on Diego Carlos, solid defender, great scores, Europa league, age on his side. Fully anticipate him to more than payback his purchase price in PB's.

  • Bouna Sarr 39p. He is listed as a defender however in his last few games for Marseille hes been playing as a winger. May turn out to be a very good cheat code defender who knows?

  • Robin Hack was sub 40p but just hit 45p after his first half hat trick for Germany under 21’s. Where did he come from lol

  • Hugo Mallo. Celta Vigo. Full back. 23p.

    Celta Vigo's captain and has a great history of goals and assists in the last few seasons. Played over 125 games in the last 4 seasons with 4 goals and 14 assists to his name. He's the cheapest full back on the index who plays in a PB league with those amount of assists last season.

  • @Pagey74 said in Sub 40p players list:

    Hugo Mallo. Celta Vigo. Full back. 23p.

    Celta Vigo's captain and has a great history of goals and assists in the last few seasons. Played over 125 games in the last 4 seasons with 4 goals and 14 assists to his name.

    Again? Is creating a thread solely to pump him not enough?

  • Bit of a risk could equal reward one here. Alvaro medran 25 year old midfielder 23p. Played for Rayo Vallecano last season on loan from Valencia and tends to score 2 or 3 goals a season. Sounds good so far however theres a problem, he’s currently a free agent and as im unable to read spanish i have no idea what his curreent situation for this season is likely to develop into or where he will play. According to index gain he is also currently injured but he did manage to win pb once last season along with star player.

    To sum up this one could go either way but for me 23p doesnt seem a massive gamble considering the potential reward. I bought 100 but my lack of spanish could mean im missing a much bigger negative here.

  • Seamus Coleman at 34p seems like reasonable value. He's always good for a couple of assists and plays for a team likely to challenge for the top 6. Yes he's never going to win MB he only needs two assists in a month to make a profit from IPD and PB is pretty much a crap shoot for defenders so always the chance of a win there. Reasonable fixture run coming up as well, all winnable games apart from Man City.

  • @Jamie Are you still upset with yourself giving out incorrect statistical information about him?

    After having a discussion with @janner73 and @johnboywalker I will be deleting all threads I have made mentioning just one player and put them in the under 20p,40p etc category.

    Hope your not still using Wiki for your statistical information.

  • Mattia Caldara - Milan - 38p (1p Spread)
    Was regarded as one of the most promising centre halves in the Italian league. Last 2 s seasons he’s had the worst luck with injuries but he’s joining back up with the squad next month. Worth a punt if he can come back from his injury nightmare.

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