Pogba and neymar situation

  • Fairly new to the index and am curious if I should sell my shares in either of them or both..
    I have 40 of each and have made more money on Robert skov who I bought last week then both of them..
    sell up and re invest and hold tight and wait?
    Many thanks....

  • @Ben5129

    They are both dividend magnets, see below for this seasons returns, whereas Skov is transfer spec/capital appreciation so you are comparing Apples & pears.

    Pogba - PB - 0.18 , MB - 1.18

    Neymar - PB - 0.23, MB - 0.24

  • hold tight - they are the most expensive for a reason. On Saturday Pogba won MB and PB divs. On Monday after announcement he rose something like 30p. He had a poor game vs Barca, compounded by it being a knockout round... so he has lost some value.

    But going into a long summer paying triple media days with 5 winners a day... Pogba is top of my list.

    Neymar... well he hasn't kicked a ball since I bought him and I am currently £306 in profit .. that's with topping up recently and his price on the decline. He is another when he is back playing you will regret not owning as both his dividends and cap ap will be consistently great.

    I too hold Skov but you need to understand … his rise is because hes had a stunning season and will maybe move to EPL or a good PB team. If he doesn't move his price will crash. If he does move... there will still be a ceiling price on his PB potential... he wont generate MB unless he breaks into top 200 … even then he wont be big news even for a transfer. Players like Skov rocket and crash. Buying Pogba and Neymar is like buying Gold and Oil … even if world war 3 breaks out they will be desirable.

  • The other thing to note... Pogba and Neymar are dropping but I cant see any instant sells on the ticker for those guys. So the sell queue is long... plenty of time for people to change their minds and unlist.

  • Thanks gents some really good advice here..

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