Few things I think Football Index should add

  • I’ve been on the football index for just over a month now and I feel I’m getting to grips with it, however I feel there are a couple of things that should be added:

    1. Goalkeeper dividends - what’s the point in even having goalkeepers on here because the amount of passes they make is significantly less that defenders + defenders have a chance of scoring.

    2. I think that there should be more dividends given out - as there are so many new players being added to the index each week the chance of actually landing a PB winner is decreasing. Maybe by adding 1st 2nd and 3rd place (different dividend win for each) to each of forwards, midfielders and defenders will increase prices overall?

    Might be chatting a load of rubbish but what does everyone else think?

  • @NewUser102149 GK divs would be great, the other idea would prob be too expensive to add

  • @NewUser9338
    I agree with the GK dividends idea even if the money has to be taken from the other positions.

  • @NewUser102149 Do you think reducing the amount of PB pay out for the winner? For example on a 12p day splitting to 8p / 3p / 1p?

  • On a game day its possible that there may only be one keeper listed and therefore a foregone conclusion on the dividend, probably leading to more volatile prices on keepers prices. I'd suggest a better option would be to keep them bracketed with defenders but change the scoring system.

  • I think eventually
    1 GK dividends which would give more value to GKs this would have to be a decreased payout 1p single 2p double 3p triple otherwise it would get too expensive for findex
    2 triple PB for def/mid/fwd positions splitting the 12p 3ways so the same money is being giving out so it doesnt kill Findex financially
    3 Every tradable player being eligible for Media Buzz this would give more value to cheaper players

  • @NewUser104703 thats a good point but eventually every player in the top 5 leagues will be listed so u will always have at least 2 gks competing. Changing the scoring system could work buy finding the balance so GKs do not end up with an advantage over defs might be tough especially if you add saves or a skill GK specific

  • GKs win PB divs on double or triple matchdays only

  • Do you think that it’ll be worth potentially investing in keepers and hoping for this to happen? If a dividend did come out for keepers or scoring system changed surely their prices would rocket

  • @NewUser102149 i'm holding a few just in case, not in big quantities. some of them have been rising modestly but obvs no dividends

  • Okay so I'm brand new to this (joined yesterday!), but there should be an option to put in a sell order. In other words, I buy 100 shares of Joe bloggs at £1 and put in a sell order to sell 50 shares when the price reaches £1.20.

    Assuming this isn't currently possible?

  • GK buzz would work in hindsight but wouldn't the more 'worked' goalkeepers benefit from the system? So pointless investing in Buffon, Ederson or ter Steggen and instead go for someone like Sirigu Pope or Pickford who see's more action?? Good point about holding GK's prior to this happening though because it does 'need' to happen otherwise all the GK's will simply be at the foot of the squad list with little or no-one trading them!!! Incidentally when I first joined I purchased Neuer, Butland & Donnaruma overjoyed at how cheap they were!!! I soon got rid when I worked out that they were worthless investments!

  • @NewUser113683 correct.

  • @dannypea could lose points for goals conceded & a decent hoard for a clean sheet, which might balance out saves as the other main factor

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