How do we make money?

  • Hi might sound really stupid here, but I'm trying to work out how I make money?

    Does football index go off performance? For instance if one of my players makes 100 passes or scores couple goals will that make his price rise? Or is it just more of a player is talked about?

    I'm still trying to get my head around it!
    Simply because the players I buy so far have all played excellent but day after there all in the red!?


  • It’s not a money tree however the more people join the more investment there is. The rest is luck skill and judgement any financial investment has a eliment of risk and here is no different. The reason your player went down is because maybe someone else invest there money before you and thought the time was right to cashout for them everyone has there own strategy’s. To earn the money you quote will depend on who you invest in where you invest and how long you hold your shares. I lost a few months back by drewing my shares then having to reinvest at a higher price the ones who win the most keep there money in for three years if they choose is the right player over time naymar has made people the most money however for someone to invest now they will have to put in substantially more that the first investors did. To make £200 a month based on my performance so far you’d have to invest substantially more than me I’ve made 2% a month over 4 month however I’m bad at this and I’m winning but this can change anytime so to make £200 a fortnight = £100 a week at 0.5% return a week means x 200 means a £20000 investment with a return of 0.5% would do you proud if invested right I guess. Just my opinion and I’ve been here 3 months and no expert... if I know what player is going to rise today if I back the right one he will go up say x percent if I back wrong one he goes down... this is my opinion I maybe right maybe wrong you take your chance like the rest of us. Hope that helps

  • I'd agree with the above generally you can get 1 to 2% a month fairly solidly so you're talking £20k down really.

  • 20k down hold for 3 years the 100,000 members will double and so may your investment too if you not touch it and ride through instability periods unless you buy shedloads of Messi and other China bound OAPs of football

  • @NewUser113007 you need to get to know the rules & the scoring outline really. player prices change because of good performances, rumours, order flow, transfers, tournaments ++

  • If you build good strategies and have discipline to stick to them then football index could be a full time income. I am close to this stage myself

    Equally it can be a very nice second income or some extra beer/treat money

    Ultimatly you will get out of it with how hard work by putting in the time to learn

  • @NewUser71838 it's my retirement plan lol

  • @Noirx4 Why not it has the potential. I reckon a lot of players will make you a lot more money than an isa with a bank

  • How to make £200 this month?..... Buy 200 Mesut Ozil and 200 Alexis Sanchez (both are at month lows) and watch the MB's come in during the Jan window and as soon as they announce themselves in Manchester get rid!!! You should get at least £100 in MB and if they rise in value by 25p each you will pocket another £100... Simple!!!!! :-/

  • Or if there’s a headline 2 contract rebel’s spotted in China there goes £1700 :-D

  • Dont sell Coutinho like most people and get money for him, all week. :-)

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