Sub 20p players list!

  • @Ben_pz good shout, good player and surely money to be made on this one

  • @Sam-L I saw you just bought in. looks a great shout @Ben_pz . If only I could bare to sell someone else to be able buy in. I put my remaining funds for the month into Barasic. Cheers for reminding me of him @NewUser337116 I have great memories of him from last seasons Football Manager game :)

  • 2 very good players Pasquale Giannotti & Michal Tomic both 20p will make you money

  • @Ben_pz agreed on this so gone big πŸ‘

  • @superspurs18 said in Sub 20p players list!:

    Found a very bargains for everyone to have a last chomp before spend bonus ends....

    Thiago Cionek 14p SPAL - is 32/33, but won top defender twice last year (find me a cheaper player who has done this!!!!) which is HUGE for a player this cheap, SPAL have lost 4/5 cbs returning from loans so i dont really see his gametime being shortened drastically even with his age. This is a huge huge bargain in my eyes with the stats this player has!!

    Paulo Oliveira 14p SD Eibar - decent average top 5. Was a brilliant player in Portugal and hopefully settles in Spain more in his second year. 14p for a regular PB defender is a steal.

    Antonito 14p Real Valladolid - again very cheap price for a PB league full back who has a few goals/assists to his last year to his name.

    Sergio Alvarez 13p SD Eibar - was only involved in a third of his teams games last year, but at 13p he is 100% the cheapest player on the index who is an outfield player involved in 33% plus of his teams fixtures.

    Andrei Girotto 16p Nantes - won best midfielder last year and has very good average top 5 scores. Bargain at 16p.

    Ruben Perez 16p Leganes - not many goals or assists last year but a regular starter for a PB league side.

    Dominiqie Heintz 16p Freiberg - very good player who is still only 25, regular for a midtable side who has a few goals to his name.

    Regardless of individual reasons - when the season starts and the IPD punters come knocking these will seem like bargains!

    i still cant believe no-one is on these, especially Cionek and Antonito...

    Antonito played 31/38 games for Valladolid last season and as 14p is the cheapest first team full back in any PB league by at least 3p add to that his 2 goals and 1 assist, i just dont see how he is this cheap!

    Cionek as mentioned above is getting on a bit but is still a great short term hold at 14p especially when you factor in the fact he won best defender last season, again how is he only 14p when he is one of the the cheapest first team centre backs in a PB league.

  • @superspurs18 I agree with you on antonito. Bargain and a single name. All should help!!

  • @superspurs18 Good find! Very low risk can see a decent return on this one

  • Just above the 20p market but I had to add Steve Cook (28) centre back Bournemouth. This guy has played nearly every game for Bournemouth over the last 4 seasons. rated him Bournemouth's 4 best performing player last season based on averages. PB average of 68 and PB high of 187. Dividend winner in the past. 9 goals and 2 assists over 4 premiership seasons. A starting centre back for a mid table premiership side at only 22p is great value in my eyes.

  • Vincent Manceau (29) Angers. His PB average is 73 with a PB high of 173. He has spent his entire career at Angers and is vice captain and if fit he plays. 31 apps with 1 goal and 1 assist last season. Nothing spectacular but at 20p a solid defender who will play in a PB league if fit.

  • Hugo Mallo (28) full back. Celta Vigo's captain. Played over 125 games in the last 4 seasons with 4 goals and 14 assists to his name. PB average of 77 with a PB high of 170. Rejected a move to the premiership last season with Fulham. 20p for a regular starter in a PB league with plenty of assists in him.

  • Sergio Pena 23 year old attacking midfielder. On loan at Tondela last season but returned to Granada who are in La Liga. 12p a share. Hoping he can produce something similar to this

  • NΓ©stor Araujo 19p for all the low risk bargain hunters.

    27 yo, starting centre back at Celta Vigo and Mexico International, has been targeted by four important European clubs: Bayer Leverkusen, Fiorentina, FC Seville and Porto before signed for Celta Vigo from the Mexican league where he was voted the best defender (2017). He's very good in the air, his speed and physical condition is good enough to compete and with the ball he is very assertive, looking for passes, trying to skip the next line of pressure. He score 3G so won 3p Div last year !!

    Massively underpriced right now IMO. πŸ€”

  • Gen Shoji 16p Defender for Toulouse. Has played every game for toulouse since joining in January and has 90 minutes every time. Has a PB average of 58.94 with a top score of 123. Not bad for a player at 16p plenty of time to improve as he learns the leagueand team mates also only 26 years old

  • @Black-wolf Nice find.

  • Jeffrey Gouwellew 14p. Aged 28 regular starter at centre back for Augsburg in the Bundesliga for the last 3 seasons with a few goals and assist in that time. PB average of 64 with a PB high of 144. I believe he's the cheapest starter in a PB league on the the index. Price is ridiculously low for a starter in a PB league imo.

  • @Pagey74 was gonna tag you on that one but i thought you’d see it anyway if i put it here πŸ‘

  • @Black-wolf Always on the look out pal 😊😊. So much value to be had even at the very cheap end.

  • @Mundek I've gone all in!!!!
    5 futures @ 20p I had a Β£1 left....
    All goes well I'll be a millionaire by Christmas πŸ€žπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • Yvon Mvogo - 20p.

    25 year old RB Leipzig keeper who is heavily rumoured to transfer to Augsberg and be there No 1. If the move happens 20p is great value for a goalkeeper in a PB league.

    Also involved with the Swiss national team.

  • Not a big name player or a big money deal, but Sam Byram for a measly Β£750,000 is one of the signings of the summer if he can stay fit.

    Norwich have supposedly sealed the deal tonight. West Brom were also really keen.

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