Sub 20p players list!

  • @Pagey74 Anyone that's on good luck but poor scoring record, already at the price he spiked at on his goal. I know it's a small amount but I can do better things with that money than leave it on a player that, in my opinion, is unlikely to score again. I understand why people do it, and if you're one of the first few on it makes sense. Different strategies for everyone but I can make more, quicker elsewhere the way the market is right now - it's so predictable.

  • @Westy said in Sub 20p players list!:

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    This didn't get the credit it f*cking deserved.
    The entire forum is a joke. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • @janner73 goal or not at thats a pretty low price for a starting 11 player in a PB league. Id be in if i didnt have money tied up in Lyon players for tonight

  • Dominique Heintz centre back(Freiburg) 20p. Played every league game last season with 1 goal+1 assist. Has not played a game this season as he's been heavily linked to Leverkusen who are in the Champions League. If/when he goes then his price will rise. If he stays then a move in January or next summer. Consistent performer aged 26.

    Andrei Girotto midfielder (Nantes) 19p. The Brazilian has averaged over 100 PB's in the opening 3 games against Lille (a) Marseille (h) and Amiens (a). Has switched between centre half and centre mid this season. Averaging that score and at 19p I'm not that bothered.

  • Gideon Jung - 17p

    I've started to look at teams doing well in the second divisons to see if there are any potential bargains. (early I know but hey its all about staying ahead of the curve). Gideon Jung interests me.
    24 year old centre back playing for Hamburg. Played for Hamburg in the Bundesliga for the entire 2017 /18 season and earned 5 under-21 german caps before suffering back to back injuries last season which kept him out for the entirety.
    Back this season in Bundesliga 2 which Hamburg are currently top of and whoscored stats look good. One to keep an eye on at least.

  • Roman zobnin 15p, regular for russia and in Europea league..

  • @Ben_pz I'm from Hamburg myself and it is always nice to see some love for our players.

    He is a decent player, struggled heavily last year on his return from the heavy injury, however he looks more stable at the moment and get's the start ahead of Papadoupolos.

    Hamburg is showing a unity we haven't had in over 10 years and I feel much more confident than last year that we will get promoted back to first flight. Season is long though and we went out of breath last year to get straight back up on the last few match days.

  • @Antierror btw I don't hold him, but I might have caused him to spike 2p :D

  • @Antierror Ha well appreciated all the same. Stats can only tell me so much it's nice to hear the view of someone who knows the team well.

  • Ximo Navarro(29) Centre back. Alaves. 18p. 31 games,2 goals +2 assists last term. Injured in pre season and missed opening games but should be back this weekend. A starter in a PB league at his price. Value for money.

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