Sofiane diop

  • Was just reevaluating the quite reliable and prestigious NxGn awards for best youngsters and found out that sofiane diop is way underpriced comparatively.
    He is just 53p compared to all the others who are on average £1-£3. And he's rated 13th best on the list.
    Getting more and more game time at monaco and only 18. Monaco have a bunch of youngsters who could really make waves next year.
    His price looks like its starting to move so may wanna get on before it takes off my forum brothers.

    Other noticeably underpriced assets that i personally like the look of and hold on this list are Lee Kang in and gouri.

  • He's UP 5p to 0.58....

    Give it 24 hours he'll be up to 0.70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On it! Let's hope he's not a Sofiane flop!

  • Good spot - just put £250 into him

  • Had him awhile had a decent jump today

  • Bought quite a few 18-19 year old with a bit of promise only takes a couple to make it and pays for all of the others

  • Got on him a while back at 49p. Massively underpriced compared to others out there who are similar. Should easily be at least 70-80p!

  • Made a few starts for Monaco in the champions league this season and is getting more and more gametime

  • Bought 300 of him yesterday after reading @FIGenesis 's write up on French talent and then watching clips and reading up. Of the several names he looked comfortably the best investment to me

  • looks like a 80p and upwards player

  • @Scottymcs said in Sofiane diop:

    looks like a 80p and upwards player

    80p right now - who knows how high once he establishes himself.

    The good thing is that Monaco are a selling club so one good season could see the top clubs chasing him.

  • If anything the kid is overpriced. He used to play regularly at beginning of season and now for the last like 20 matches he hasn’t started 1 game and he rarely makes the bench. He hasn’t registered 1 goal or 1 assist yet either this season.

  • @NewUser287844 He's 18. There are probably less than 20 18 year olds who start regularly for top teams. Just the fact he started at the beginning of the season shows how highly they rate him. When you buy youth you're not buying for tomorrow and you shouldn't expect to see a rise in the next ten seconds. You're buying for the future and the potential career he could have. This guy has an amazing amount of potential. So no imo he shouldnt be cheaper. 70p-88p would reflect nicely with players of similar age and quality to him.

  • @NewUser287844 So if Diop is overpriced what does that make Mason Greenwood who has barely had 10 minutes of football all season😉
    He has potential and is getting football which is vital for progression at his age.

    Better risk at 62p than over £3 a share that Greenwood is.

  • he is creeping up! hop on id say for a nice long term hold

  • @Scottymcs convinced hes a great long term hold myself

  • I got on him a while ago at 46p and was surprised that his price never really moved.

    Another young Monaco player I hold is Moussa Sylla who is just 19 and priced at just 36p. So if you like your Monaco youngsters then he may be one to research along with Diop

  • @LuaLua Monaco are stacked with youn g talent for next season. Sof Diop, I hope, will be a regular next year. Showed well when he started this season. Add to that Willem Geubbels who should be fit again for the start of the campaign, wonderful talent. Badiahsille in defence started most games this year and was really good aged just 17. Noe Massengo is very young, 17, but had a few starts too and, I think, maybe has a higher ceiling than Diop but that's just personal opinion.

    I will be putting out some blog posts over the summer about the top French youngsters to look out for next season.

  • @FIGenesis Yeah i had a look at massengo after he had a big 10p jump last week. Interested to see how they develop. It's a very fun little meta game as to when to jump on these players because you don't want dead money hanging about but you don't wanna miss out on someone who could double in value the next year.

  • I'm well happy with my investment in diop. The thing with massengo Is hes listed on transfer transfermarkt as a defensive midfielder but in clips hes always getting forward. Obviously they are highlight reels so that makes sense. If hes gonna be a holding midfielder I just wonder how high his ceiling will be. Undoubtedly room for growth regardless of position this early in his career but like a lot of people, I generally invest in attacking players because they seem to have a higher ceiling

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